Defrag: How to make a Win7 thumbdrive, Running old games on Win7, Imaging old laptop for XP Mode.

Play Defrag: How to make a Win7 thumbdrive, Running old games on Win7, Imaging old laptop for XP Mode.
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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:20] How do I make a thumbdrive with Win32/64 install disk on it? Tool link. All-In-One link. AIK link.
[05:13] Will disabling System Restore speed up my system?
[06:30] Can I install Windows in a directory not named "Windows"?
[07:50] Can I use a Ceton Infinity in WMC using Win2k8 R2?
[10:25] How to run an old game on Windows 7.
[12:45] How to reset security permissions on thumbdrive from old system.
[15:35] Do registry settings persist after a system restore?
[17:04] Can you run an elevated CMD from command line?
[19:50] HDD space management tips for very small HDD's.
[23:01] Can't delete partitions on a thumbdrive, why?
[24:21] How can I see the last time my PC successfully defragged the drive?
[26:19] How can I use an image of my old laptop in XP Mode? Disk2vhd link.
[28:06] How can I set Thunderbird as default program in Windows?
[29:08] How can I tell the last time someone logged onto my PC?
[32:03] Was Windows Defrag tool a limited version of Diskeeper?



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The Discussion

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    Mark Russinovich

    You are a good friend, Gov!

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    Nice show and nice T-shirt. The white plant looks like it moved. Nice effect Big Smile

    you can use this tool to elevate programs from command line:

    or use this to open a command prompt with admin rights everywhere you want:


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    Iqbal Shahid

    why is bing not the default home page on gov's laptop?

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    I guess Larry Larsen wanted to talk about the ribbon post on b8, since there is a new menu item that you can start elevated command prompt from any folder in the ribbon menu, but he is suprised when he realized that the post is not published yet. Tongue Out

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    Could you cover how to move your System drive from a smaller drive to a new large drive?  I tried the latest Ghost and it completely failed to handle the hidden partition.  Is Acronis worth a try? 

    How would Gov copy a 250GB system drive to a nice new 3TB drive, without reinstalling?



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    For old games Steam is the way to go.  All the xcom games were on sale as a bundle for five bucks a while back and they came pre-wrapped with dosbox that takes care of the issues.

    I just played through the first one again and for a 17+ year old game it was a lot of fun.

    Thanks for the flash drive install image tips.  Good stuff.

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    Loads of useful info! I have a question too, of course...!

    I just tried to install Windows Live Essentials on my Windows 7 x64 box, the programs crash on starting - I get stuff like "Windows Live Mail [/ writer...] has stopped working". The thing is, I've installed it all and used it all before on this very box. 
    Also, the installation went through OK the several times that I tried.

    Googling the errors didn't help much - A lot of it was only to do with older versions of Essentials, and more about crashing during use, as apposed to when starting. I can't think of anything else stopping it - Temporeraly disabled the AV while installing and using, tried shutting other stuff down completely, but to no avail. I have only really used the same small set of applications for a long time now (you know, you find the ones you like and stick with them...) so it can't be that - They were all there last time.

    Any ideas...? 

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    @JoelLeach: That does look cool, and I'll try it out. But what I really want is a turned based ISO perspective tactical strategy Xcom game. Basically the old game with new graphics.

    I will give this one a shot though. Smiley Thanks

    @TrickyDickie/@Jlomax: We'll hit these two questions on the show tomorrow. Thanks

    @Felix9: I didn't expect Gov to go browsing! LOL

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    why is bing not the default home page on gov's laptop?

    I like a blank homepage to be honest... I use bing exclusively, not because I am at MS (I used competitor products even while at MS) but because it really is the better search engine for my uses. It gets me the most relevant results consistently.

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    @LarryLarsen: Steam also has all the old jagged alliance games that are turn based like xcom.  Highly recommend.

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    @dtower: I *loved* Jagged Alliance. You just defined my evening. Thanks for the heads up.

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    gov?is it possible to change the order we receive publicity in website.i am using controle access in ie9(for safety reason but everytime i go on site i get the publicity first if i dont enter password i cant access those site.)if not possible!is it possible for ie9 to remember the site i say no i dont want to enter my password everytime since even with all security keylogger is always a shade away.

    also:how you change the daily picture size in bing,saw yours almost full web page size.mine is 480x600 or so!

    ty guys keep up good work!

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    What are some recommended diagnostic tools to use to troubleshoot problem PC's, both XP machines (since we still have a vast majority using this OS) and Windows 7 (we are slowly starting to migrate to this)? Mainly tools geared towards those funky happens every now and then type errors that could be drivers, add-ins, bad memory, etc. I have recently downloaded Sysinternals and bought the book to go with it, just curious what you guys would recommend.

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    Can I install Windows in a directory not named "Windows"?

    YES YOU CAN ! and running production on MNC company, i tell you.

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