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    [08:12] WinDirStat performance on a SSD

    simply use a better tool called TreeSizeFree. Starting with Version 3 it reads the data fom the MFT which is extremely fast.

    "TreeSize Free now uses the master file table (MFT) for scanning local NTFS drives to improve the performance especially on HDDs. The MFT is only accessible if TreeSize is started as administrator."

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    Regarding the use of Remote Desktop with multiple screens:  I *really* wish it allowed you to pick something like monitors 1, 2 and 4 instead of the current all-or-nothing deal offered by spanning or the All Monitors checkbox.

    I spend my day living in fullscreen RDP sessions, and run Skype locally, and often miss calls because running RDP sessions fullscreen basically takes over completely.  If I could continue to use RDP fullscreen as I currently do, but only on 3 of my 4 monitors, I'd be able to leave Skype running on the 4th monitor while working away on the other ones, and not make my coworkers wait because notifications are appearing on a screen I can't see.

    This isn't a Skype-only thing, but email and browser windows as well--I can't install email on all the remote machines I RDP into, and some remote machines don't let me browse at it'd definitely be useful to leave one monitor "dedicated" to local apps, while the rest continue behaving as fullscreen + multiple monitors.

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    paul mortlock

    Thank you for attempting to answer my query with the opening of multiple dos windows I realise now it didn't give you as much info as I used Twitter haha it made my day that your responded anyway! Seems like i have some sort of malware and it has not happened again if it does i will send you more info next time thanks Larry!

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    paul mortlock

    Go for the bike it looks amazing!

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    Dave Garbacz

    Hey guys, my touch screen problem has since been resolved, if somehow by magic. Just to make sure, I went and reinstalled the Surface Pro 3 firmware from the offline installs available from Microsoft, and then applied any and all Windows Updates that were served up to me.

    As of today, I woke my Surface Pro 3 from a long standby (got the Surface boot logo), and was able to swipe my lock screen instantly.

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    @Paul: There are lotsa places those DOS windows could be starting from in addition to the HKLM run key Gov mentioned---there's one also under HKCU (and more if you have a 64 bit OS). If the windows stick around, user ProcessExplorer to find what process spawned them, and/or use AutoRuns and search for them. Both available from MS TechNet's SysInternals site. Good luck!

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