Defrag: IE History, Removing Rip from WMP, Secure PC Thumbdrive

Play Defrag: IE History, Removing Rip from WMP, Secure PC Thumbdrive

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    The IE9 history thing is a bug. It happens on both my PCs and I have to delete my history to get it to start working again.

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    I had Live Essentials crashes (NX Bit issues) last year because of a NOD32 bug which was fixed in a later version of NOD32.

    So I have the same question like for Office. Do we ever get debugging symbols to look for the cause of Live product crashes?

    Why do you show such an old WAIK version in the show and link it? The version is for Vista RTM from 2006!

    Use the Windows 7 version which works for Vista Sp2 AND Windows 7 RTM/Sp1:

    PAE is able to use more than 4GB. The memory for GPU is only mapped into the 4GB if you use the old Kernel without PAE support if the CPU/chipset doesn't support PAE like my older Pentium M CPU and my old Intel chipset. PAE is enabled by default if your CPu supports the NX Bit/DEP so 90% have the PAE kernel running. Microsoft limits the 32Bit memory usage with a license policy setting. You have to crack the kernel to use the complete 4GB. I used it with Vista and Windows 7 RTM and it works fine. I suggest this for people with only 4GB because 64Bit version uses the 500-750MB RAM you can address more by itself. So you have no benefit by using the 64Bit version (forget the kernel protection, pool limits, VA address space limitation, this doesn't apply to home users PCs who only want to write a email, browse the www and listen to music) .

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    @pjfan:It certainly is. I actually stopped using IE for some time because of it. It appears now to be fixed though I can't be to sure.

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    Is there a way to tweak Windows Mobile Device Center (or Windows interaction with it) to tighten up the time span between when the device is recognized by Windows (audible sound to user) and when connectivity to the device is actually viable?  We have seen 10 or 15 second delays between those 2 points in time and end users are confused by it.

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    I want to use BITLOCKER on C drive where my current windows 7 is installed and running very well

    but I got the problem while turning on BITLOCKER on ""C"" Drive

    I got this massage on 1st  screen when i press TURN ON BITLOCKER

    -------  """A compatible TPM security device must be present on this computer , but a TPM was not found.Please contact your system administrater to enable bitlocker"""


    Remember I am the Only one user of my desktop with ADMIN account on personal PC
    its Home Desktop and I am a Student

    please help me to TURN this on without going current win 7 Ultimate out  of box environment


    My History -- I use bitlocker on ""windows 7 installation drive ""  by installation 2nd Win 7 Ultimate on temp drive for only Encrypting work purpose but I think this is not always a good Idea


    I have HP desktop P6378in with 750 GB seaget HDD 7200 RPM , 16 GB DDR3 RAM , i5-650, MSI board 

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    Friends must try Google frame in Internet explorer 9

    it will accelerate internet experience with open web technologies and speedy JavaScript engine to Internet Explorer


    Enjoy 365

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    Hi Gov and Larry,

    Thanks for the tips. They didn't quite solve my problem so I figured I'd give online search another try and found that if I delete the History files found at C:\Users\Kamal\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\History (I had to go into the "Folder and search options" and uncheck the box to "Hide protected operating system files") , that it solved the problem, at least for now.

    Sharing the info in case it helps someone else.


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    @ecofriend: Interesting, wonder how that got checked to begin with? Thanks for the update!

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    Good show.

    Another media player issue that's always bugged me is that it switches tabs when I plug in a flash drive.  Locking the skin may help with that (I'll try it) but I do still want the burn tab.  Is there any way to keep it from switching?


    UPDATE: locking the skin does prevent it from switching on me when I plug in a flash drive.  But the corporate skin doesn't let you access your media library... so not quite what I want.

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