Defrag: Lots of Windows 10, Stick PC's, PST tips, Zombie Libraries and more...

Play Defrag: Lots of Windows 10, Stick PC's, PST tips, Zombie Libraries and more...

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    Welcome back.

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    Mike Greenway


    I install 10 for a friend, that isn't using a MSA. Can she do a clean install in the future w/o MSA?

    If she now start using a MSA to log in, will she be able to do a clean install?

    Thanks for everything.


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    HP Stream 7: I unzipped the Win 10 upgrade ISO file (7-zip) to a 32 gig micro SD and ran it from there with no issues at all. It's working great!

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    0xC1900101-0x20017 is a really hard to troubleshoot error. Spent many many hours trying to fix it for an existing installation and finally reinstalled Win7. Which ... did not fix the problem either !!!

    Drivers were unlikely at fault since nothing special was installed driver-wise. I even took out the nVidia graphics card and the optical drive. Only Board+Ram+CPU+SSD was still in there. Still, unable to upgrade because of 0xC1900101-0x20017.

    Googling it revealed tons of people, most of which resolved it in a strange way or in very diverse ways - not much help.

    For me, I was finally able to do the upgrade after changing the disk controller from AHCI to IDE in the BIOS (latest BIOS version of course) of the ASUS M3A78 PRO Board. Which does not make any sense, because Win7 was only using Microsoft default AHCI drivers and nothing special had been installed in my clean installation. Still, this (reproducibly) fixed the problem.

    Atfer the upgrade, now that the hardware had been added to the "activated" database, I tried a fresh installation of Win10 with AHCI and that did not find the harddisks during installation. So my problem is that for this particular board and chipset the Win7 AHCI driver works while the Win10 AHCI driver doesnt. Leading to 0xC1900101-0x20017.

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    Is the link in the show notes for the actual Stick PC that you're using? The link is to a not-yet-closed indiegogo campaign and I was wondering if you had a pre-released piece of hardware. Hopefully it is because that would really boost my confidence in them being able to produce the product.


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    Channel 9 need a new homepage,

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    You want to _check_, not uncheck, hidden items, to see that $windows.~bt folder in C:

    BTW, the main problem my customers have had with the Win10 upgrade is when they had some version of Norton with backup. The AV is disabled, but (apparently) its shell extension bushel.dll is not, causing explorer to repeatedly crash and restart twice a second or more once the desktop is loaded. Booting into safe mode (or a rescue disk) and renaming the Program Files (x86)\Norton* directorie(s) fixed it.

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    My HP Stream 7 upgraded through Windows Update about two weeks after Windows 10 release. 

    After a few bugchecks I decided to do a Reset, which put it into a boot failure loop. I found out too late this was a known problem, so I'm going to have to do a reinstall from a USB stick or SD card sometime.

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