Defrag: Matter and Form 3D scanning, System File Checker, LUA Buglight and more...

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    [11:58] Fixing (System File Checker) SFC /scannow errors related to corrupted files

    In Windows 8/8.1 the file CNBJ2530.DPB very often. Sfc can't restore the file. Under WinVusta/7 there was a tool called checksur (which was updated several times per year) and it included several files and could restore the corrupted files if it has the good file in it. In some cases the tool doesn't have the good file and it was also not able to fix it. I made a request to the servicing team to allow downloading missing files instead of adding them to a large download. So this was added with the DISM /RestoreHealph command in WIndows 8/8.1. Here it downlaods the missing/corrupted files.

    The CNBJ2530.DPB corruption is an issue which Microsoft currently investigates. On the internal systems they also found this corruption, but the owning team has no idea why this happens.

    [20:02] What is C:\Windows\WinSxS\TIworker.exe and why is it eating my CPU?

    This TiWorker is also used to cleanup WinSxS. In 8.1 (and 8 with a Servicing stack update) the idle maintenance task compresses not used files into diffs to reduce the WinSxS size. This calculations cause a lot of CPU usage when you don't run this regulary. So let it run and enjoy more FREE space on your drive.

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