Defrag: Mem Cleaners, Syncing Favorites, Batch Image Resize

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    Brian Catlin

    NTFS certainly knows when a file was deleted, because it will be in the on-disk transaction log. There aren't currently any tools that will read and display the log, but it is certainly possible.

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    WinRar has a "keep broken files" option for your broken movie archive:

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    @CHfish: Forehead slap. Smiley  Thanks for pointing that out!

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    why is the sound quality so bad with the videos today? I used the HQ WMV.

    I also prefer Samsung Spinpoint. I are fast and silent. I dont't recommend WD green HDDs. They are too slow and tend to cause "not responding" messages in Windows.

    [11:50] - How do you sync favorites across PC's?

    I also use dropbox because of one issue with Live Mesh. When I try to install Mesh, it wants to update Mail and Messenger from the 2009 version to 2011. And this is a problem. Live Messenger and Mail 2011 sucks completely from usability and stability. Is there a chance to install Live Mesh and keep the old versions (this can be done by office setup for example, so why not here)?


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    For the network problem: he said he walked away for a while, which leads me to believe its power settings. and when he restarts he says that it doesn't work unless he powers off the machine for 10 minutes -- sounds like he might be hibernating. My first suggestion would be device manager (devmgmt.msc) > Network Adapters > *select your network card* > Right click > Properties > Power Management Tab > Uncheck all options ("Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power"). If that doesn't work I would try disabling hibernate temporarily... Always try the free software things before buying a new router -- unless you work at M$ and have money to burn.

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    I love how you use the dollar sign for 'M$'. Makes you look really intelligent. Why don't you go back to that abortion known as Linux?

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    @MagicAndre1981: The audio problem stemmed from a rewiring of the studio audio, we had a mix problem that was downstream from the audio console, so when our studio op listened to it at the board it sounded fine, but further down the chain where it was recorded it was not. It's since been fixed. Gov is so busy with Win8 work right now I couldn't make him come back over to re-record it. 

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    [13:00] - Is there a log to know which file you just deleted? 

    Hey, there is certainly a built-in way to handle that. How about the Auditing capability which is available in the folder / file properties (Properties -> Security -> Advanced -> Auditing tab)? These audit events get registered in the Security Event log. You just need to enable it for certain folders like Desktop, My Documents, etc. (folders you care about) as it would be highly ineffective to audit the entire drive for obvious reasons. It won't help the OP but at least could be useful for future reference.

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    Really enjoyed the show this week.

    Perhaps you could have suggested more strongly that split archive files only exist because of old file system limitations. They redundant on modern systems outside of CD / DVD backups.

    The sterling engine made me wonder the whole episode for you to comment on it.

    It is a solid tech. And I assume the toy you have generates no power. But as a demonstration it really got going with your CPU pegged from the end comments.

    The world needs to learn we run on GREED tech. That means what we can do for profit cheap we do !. That means we pollute first. It is not that we could not run on GREEN tech instead, we could harness the Sun, Wind , River flows, Sea Tidal flows for clean energy. They could meet our power requirements. It just not as profitable as what we do.

    Be built our whole planet that everyone is stuck on...ON PROFIT alone. Change is happening but that is solely based on PROFIT as well. Its very sad if you have science education.

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    Enterprise disks vs consumer. I worked as a sys admin for a largish datacenter (300TB of RAID disk ~3PB tapes), not large by web standards I guess but large for a 500 employee internal storage situation. Anyways: we decommissioned some early 2000's area drives four years back. We wiped the drives and distributed them and my boss said that the cache on the drives is disabled for enterprise drives.

    I'm not sure if that is still the case but it makes some sense. The raid controller itself has a cache and when you are doing a raid for data safety you don't want your raid card to think "yeah we got that" when in actual fact it is sitting on the drive cache not on the actual disks themselves. The end result anyways was that these 7200 RPM 500GB drives that cost about $500 a piece when bought were insanely slow ~10MBps doing a disk backup of a Mac with TIme Machine so I'm pretty sure that my boss was right and the cache was non-existent or disabled somehow.

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