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    [02:50] - Why CHKDSK comes up when PC starts sometimes.

    this issue also happens if you Dual-Boot Win7 and Windows 8 because of the new hibernation/boot mode of Win8 (Hybridboot,fast startup). The only way to workaround this, is to do a full shutdown.

    [08:46] - Windows Update not completing, error 800B0100. [link]

    C:\Users\Andre>err 0x800B0100
    # for hex 0x800b0100 / decimal -2146762496 :
      TRUST_E_NOSIGNATURE                                           winerror.h
    # No signature was present in the subject.
    # 1 matches found for "0x800B0100"

    in this case a signature file is broken. In Vista/7 copy the file C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\CBS.log to the desktop and search in the CBS.log for the error code and find the corrupt file. (after running checksur you can also lok in the C:\Windows\Logs\CBS\\checksur.log to see which files can't be repaired). Now try to get a clean copy from a second PC and replace the broken files. This is explained here in detail:

    In Win8, the DISM.exe has a new command to detect and fix broken files.Run

    DISM /Online /cleanup-image /CheckHealth

    to detect broken files and

    DISM /Online /cleanup-image /RestoreHealth
    to fix them.

    If the files can't be repaired, a fresh copy is downloaded from the Internet (finally MSFT implemented my request of downloading corrupt files. Thanks to Joseph Conway to understanding this importance and requesting the Windows team to implement it)

    This time I have an issue with Win7. By default Win7 Explorer hides empty drives. But I've disabled this option so that explorer should show empty drives (like my DVD drive) but it has no effect. The drive is not shown until I put a DVD in the drive. Any ideas why?

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    Re that external USB to DVI device, DVI is a digital interface, not analog, so the power requirement is very, very low. So your 5+ minutes spent discussing USB 2.0 power limitations is a complete red herring.

    But unless the device driver does something magical, bandwidth will be the real issue. A 1920 x 1080 display at 32 bit color depth requires about 8MB per screen. USB 2.0 allows about 60MB/s, so that results in about 7 full screen images per second. And 7 frames per second is nowhere near what you need to have smooth video. So full screen video with this thing isn't going to be possible.

    But for static, or mostly static displays, this should actually work pretty well.

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    @TanMan: The device also does VGA. Agreed that bandwidth is an issue.

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    Tony Stewart

    The Folder copy enumeration also includes the huge overhead of your AV suite scanning the files for security prior to transferring. So kill your AV suite

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    I wish OSX had a tool like ProcMon

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    VHD boot only seems to work on Win7 Ultimate. This seems to be a big secret, but I have wasted hours trying this when I only had Win 7 Pro.

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    I always forget about using resource monitor. So while watching this episode I tried it and found something odd in the network section.
    Image Address

    BOINC is Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing which I have running the SETI project. Why does that have to do with the dating address?

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    I wish there were 6 stars available for rating this show...for me the Sysinternals style discussion alone made this the best episode yet (no matter how many times I've heard Mark cover that stuff, it never gets old).

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    @Skinny: Any chance there's an element of ad-support in your SETI/BOINC software? (note: the irony of the terms 8-minute-dating and "boinc" appearing together is not lost on me #wakawaka)

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    @BrianHatrung: Thanks Brian. As mentioned on the show, Larry and I are working on a new series that will delve (really) deep in to each of the troubleshooting tools we use in Microsoft Support these days. Stay tuned. Smiley

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    Thanks for the mention in ( I wasn't suggesting that you guys wasted my time, this was a while ago I tried to do it. The frustrating thing is that it only rejects the process at the very end of the process. Fail fast would have been appreciated Smiley

    Keep up the good work.

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    @BrianHartung:As it turns out this also happens to my IE, FireFox and Outlook.  Where it list those programs under image and the previous address under Address.  I have run all kinds of scans, even scanned for rootkits.

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