Defrag: Migrating Predictive Text, Defrag Spam, PlayTo & MKV's

Play Defrag: Migrating Predictive Text, Defrag Spam, PlayTo & MKV's

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    Hotkeys:  I kinda like AutoHotKey. []  It has to be the most versatile such system I've come across.

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    [07:40] - Pixel 0,0 is white bug.

    Maybe it's just a dead pixel on the LCD? That's why it's not coming up on the screenshot!

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    Follow up on the restore. It took about 16 hours total. Everything is working great so it's hard to complain. Here are some additional details. I had a hdd that I suspected was bad. (256gb). So I made a system image to an empty 2TB drive. I then restored back to my new ssd. The image was 97GB but it was about 129GB uncompressed as it seemed to unmark compression on all files. I just assumed if the drive speed was the issue, I would see the hdd light thrashing. (32GB memory, PhenomII 6 core 3.2ghz)

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    @uus831: Good point! 

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    With all respect, my win8RP seems to be getting old, already. Some of the Metro Apps no longer close by dragging to the bottom, my mouse sticks all the time and some of the apps just restarts themselves with no warning and for no apparent reason.
    Just my observations

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    [07:40] - Pixel 0,0 is white bug.

    Actually, there is a KB on this white pixel issue.

    "A white dot may appear on the top-left corner of the screen when an Aero theme is selected and “Enable transparency” is unchecked"

    "Microsoft has confirmed that this is a by design.."

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    Windows 8 with mouse and keyboard, I usually close Metro Apps by doing Alt + F4 instead of mouse drag. I think for PCs without touchscreen, this is the best way (plus it is the same keyboard shortcut for desktop apps).

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    Fish Sauce

    "By design"
    Only microsoft could call a bug "by design".

    This is exactly why i despise microsoft. Overpriced products and no customer support. They basically say "We already got your money, tough, now frak off".

    You do a detailed bug report which takes hours away from your free time and the response you get is "by design". No discussion, one response if any than you get ignored.

    Here's a screenshot i took of the issue. I used zoom tool at 200% :

    FYI: Spy++ didnt give anything useful other than it is EXPLORER.exe:

    I can't even fix the issue myself because windows, not even the explorer process is open source.
    Open source is not a security risk, ask linux about it !
    Patents, company secrets ? That is bullshit and you know it.

    This is what they call "locked in" isn't it ?

    Windows 8, early adopters say is even worse due to the forced metro ui for desktop users. Unnecessary clicks. Breaking of the "in the zone" experience with the metro jumping. No option to turn the crappy metro ui off.
    Bad user experience indeed.

    Why not provide the option to turn it off, microsoft have said for years they are all about user experience and that they listen to the feedback they get.
    Only more proof they do not listen, they do not even want to give the user the choice.

    Directly from a microsoft employee: "People will get used to it"
    Sure they will, people can also get used to getting raped and tortured daily.
    That still doesn't make it right.

    grumble grumble

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