Defrag: Moving HDD during CHKDSK, Moving Vol Overlay, Mounting Drives with Scripts

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    I do think that acceleration is more of a factor on the drive. At constant speed, the drive is in an inertial frame of reference and can't tell if it's moving at Mach 5 or sliding across your table slowly.

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    Philip Saunders

    Worth mentioning you have to have local admin rights when re joining the computer to the network (as mention at 5m - 5.35minutes) I've had this issue several times over the last few years and it happens for no reason at all and coming off the domain and rejoining seems to be the best solution. Wish this would be fixed.

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    In reference to the GPO question, 'gpresult' is a very helpful command to run when troubleshooting GPO issues.  It will tell you if a policy has been filtered along with other useful information.

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    "Systray volume not changing headphone volume."

    That's the notification area, not the system tray, silly!

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