Defrag: Net Speed Apps, TrustedInstaller, Renaming Account Folders

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    On the TrustedInstaller issue, I've found this little tweak very handy.  It adds a right click context menu option called "Take Ownership" that lets you right click on pretty much anything and take ownership of it. Much simpler than manually editing permissions to accomplish the same thing.

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    [08:48] - How to rename User Account folder without breaking things.

    Use Windows EasyTransfer to backup all data, create a new account with the correct name, import the Transferdata and remove the old account and the old profile folder. Issue solved!


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    The trouble shooting knowledge that has been addressed, is really vast.  Thanks so much guys.

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    On the topic of Win8.

    How in the name of whatever diety you worship do I get the release preview to accept unsigned drivers?

    It was annoying but doable in the consumer preview, but I can't get any of the stuff I find when googling the problem to work on the release preview.

    On my private testing machine, it's just a minor inconvenience to boot back to Win7 for certain things, but for the company, it essentially means that we won't be able to switch to Win8 within the next ~5 years unless a now defunct company magically releases signed drivers for old hardware. Which can't be in the best interests of Microsoft.

    The one thing I haven't tried is self-signing the third-party drivers and importing the self-created certificate into the trusted publishers store, since that takes a bit of fiddling. Does that work on Win8? As reluctant as I'd be to sign code of other companies..

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    @Halconnen all you have to do is open the Start screen, go to Advanced Startup Options and select Restart Now at the bottom of the list (under Advanced Startup). Then, when prompted:

    Troubleshoot -> Startup Options.

    Later (on next restart) you will be prompted to select a custom startup option. Use #7 to enable the installation of unsigned drivers.

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    Manoochehr Rahbar

    I have not used Channel 9 yet but I am sure I'll Enjoy it. Thanks a lot.

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    Thanks a lot for this episode folks. 

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