Defrag - Page File Needed, Image Tags, Fast Gaming PC

Play Defrag - Page File Needed, Image Tags, Fast Gaming PC

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    Great episode! Can't wait review about that camera Tongue Out

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    Did I miss something? My Bing homepage doesn't look like the one in this video. (And I don't mean because it's a different day than when it aired.) I'm looking at the bar below the main image. It's larger and appears to rotate through images. Is this a future feature?

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    [11:42] - Pinned icon on taskbar 'breaks'.

    I saw this often for shortcuts when the app includes a UAC manifest and requests to run with elevated rights. My solution is to extract the Icon from the Exe into an .ico file and select this ico file in the shortcut properties.

    [12:45] - Advice on building fastest gaming PC.

    Gov said what you need about HDD/SSD.

    But a small advice! For gaming performance a good quad core is enough and the faster your GPU is, the better gaming experience you get.

    Save the money and don't buy Intel i7 and buy instead an i5 (2400 or 2500k if you want to overclock). Use the saved money and buy a faster Graphic card (GTX570,580 or AMD 6950/6970).

    - How to run everything as administrator.

    Use the taskscheduler to start apps with admin rights. Place a shortcut on the desktop so that you can start them easily or use the CMD approach from Gov.

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    Thanks for the info regarding flattening my system.  I enjoyed the conversation and I promise the next time I post a discussion item I'll keep it shorter so Larry can read it in a single breath Smiley

    Cheers and looking forward to that discussion on hypercavitation (which I'm sure was only left out of this show due to time constraints...)

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    About the page file.... I still don't get, that I need a page file. Like you said, it comes from a time, where memory was very limited. Having 12 GB of RAM and use maybe 7 GB at most leaving 5 GB free for other stuff... and I still need a 8 GB page file?

    I have disabled my page files and both my computers are fine and still no one has convinced me to do otherwise.

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    I also have disabled my page files, i have 24 gig ram.
    I have no problem to live without page file.

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