Defrag: Readyboost, Virtual Machines, Printing at Distance

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    scott baker

    Will you guys consider making all the channel 9 video feeds compatible with iTunes?

    thanks for all the great content,

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    [08:06] -  Can I install VirtualPC on Home Premium 64-bit?

    YES, it works fine! Virtual PC and XPMode are 2 different things. VirtualPC works an all editions except Starter Edition. You can download the Installer Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu and run it.

    The XP Mode (the preconfigured XP Pro VHD) doesn't work on Home Premium because Home Premium doesn't have the license policy set to run XP Mode:

    <sl:policyInt name="VirtualXP-licensing-Enabled" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>

    This setting is only set to 1 on Prof, Enterprise and Ultimate while the Virtual PC license value is set on all editions except Starter:

    <sl:policyInt name="VirtualPC-licensing-Enabled" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>

    Going back from Win7 to Vista works this way:

    and it is good, because in Windows 7 so many thing were removed and are broken compared to Vista (Explorer, Superfetch with Pool leaks which causes a much higher memory usage compared to Vista and other things: Currently Vista is the best Windows you can get. Rock solid and stable. 1 BSOD in 5 years caused by a bad RAM and reliable index is always 10 were the index in Win7 is 1 because you must pray that Windows 7 works the next day after shutting it down the day before.

    To change the color you have to use a resource editor to hack Windows DLLs Sad Like always MS does the mistake to merge the purpose of several things into 1 file (resource, Code, GUI) which makes it not configurable and if you change the file, sfc likes to restore it.

    The VM to physial works with the next Hyper-V version in Windows 8. YOu can use the smae VHD for native boot and inside a VM:

    Currently you can use this 3rd party tool to a VM and native boot with older Windows versions:


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    @scott baker:We do have iTunes feeds, which feed were you trying that didn't work?

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    "Banking" and "Medical"... :)

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    Windows HomeGroup requires IPv6?  My homegroup works fine even though my router only allows IPv4 addresses.  I'm confused.

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