Defrag: Readyboost, Virtual Machines, Printing at Distance

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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:10] -  Readyboost max file size redux.
[01:19] -  Setting up Homegroup with virtual machine.
[02:25] -  Windows+M shortcut confusion. [link]
[05:03] -  MP3 of the show.
[05:20] -  Does it help to defrag the disk in a virtual machine?
[06:36] -  Is there a way to print to my home printer from work/on the road? [link]
[08:06] -  Can I install VirtualPC on Home Premium 64-bit?
[08:40] -  How to bring window to front to take screenshot programmatically.
[10:20] -  What is the support lifecycle cut off for XP Mode? [link]
[11:06] -  Can you restrict browsing history in IE temp directory?
[12:55] -  Merging partitions on a drive with empty partition in front of main partition.
[14:42] -  How to open new Notepad window without closing current one.
[15:06] -  Can you increase the current going to an external USB hub within Windows?
[17:00] -  Is there a Windows equivilent of Little Snitch on Mac?
[18:10] -  Is there a way to tell Windows to use eject on an internal drive?
[20:00] -  Can I migrate back to my Windows.OLD directory?
[20:35] -  How to use a password on RD but not on login. [link]
[21:23] -  Can I change default drive colors in Windows Explorer?
[22:35] -  Can I make my offline drives remain in the Windows Search Index?  
[17:00] -  Is there an app to make highlighted text open in Notepad?
[24:35] -  Can I migrate a VM to a physical drive?
[25:22] -  Can I install VS entirely on a RAM drive?
[27:00] -  Pick of the Week: Monoprice.



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The Discussion

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    scott baker

    Will you guys consider making all the channel 9 video feeds compatible with iTunes?

    thanks for all the great content,

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    [08:06] -  Can I install VirtualPC on Home Premium 64-bit?

    YES, it works fine! Virtual PC and XPMode are 2 different things. VirtualPC works an all editions except Starter Edition. You can download the Installer Windows6.1-KB958559-x64-RefreshPkg.msu and run it.

    The XP Mode (the preconfigured XP Pro VHD) doesn't work on Home Premium because Home Premium doesn't have the license policy set to run XP Mode:

    <sl:policyInt name="VirtualXP-licensing-Enabled" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>

    This setting is only set to 1 on Prof, Enterprise and Ultimate while the Virtual PC license value is set on all editions except Starter:

    <sl:policyInt name="VirtualPC-licensing-Enabled" attributes="override-only">1</sl:policyInt>

    Going back from Win7 to Vista works this way:

    and it is good, because in Windows 7 so many thing were removed and are broken compared to Vista (Explorer, Superfetch with Pool leaks which causes a much higher memory usage compared to Vista and other things: Currently Vista is the best Windows you can get. Rock solid and stable. 1 BSOD in 5 years caused by a bad RAM and reliable index is always 10 were the index in Win7 is 1 because you must pray that Windows 7 works the next day after shutting it down the day before.

    To change the color you have to use a resource editor to hack Windows DLLs Sad Like always MS does the mistake to merge the purpose of several things into 1 file (resource, Code, GUI) which makes it not configurable and if you change the file, sfc likes to restore it.

    The VM to physial works with the next Hyper-V version in Windows 8. YOu can use the smae VHD for native boot and inside a VM:

    Currently you can use this 3rd party tool to a VM and native boot with older Windows versions:


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    @scott baker:We do have iTunes feeds, which feed were you trying that didn't work?

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    "Banking" and "Medical"... :)

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    Windows HomeGroup requires IPv6?  My homegroup works fine even though my router only allows IPv4 addresses.  I'm confused.

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