Defrag: Season 2, Mapped Drive Not Connecting, RAID 0 with SSD's

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    Welcome back!!!   What's up with the badge of shame? Tongue Out

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    I know, I forgot my wallet that day. Smiley

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    David G

    I have UAC turned on on my home machine since I flattened my home machine. I'm turning it back on on my work machine today. I give. Thanks for the response guys! Glad you're back.

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    RE: Rebooting takes too long. How to troubleshoot.

    ALAKAZAM! I give you Mark Russinovich:

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    Sorry Gov, but you (MSFT) absolutely DON'T care how users use your Windows. You FORCE them to use what YOU (MSFT) think the user should use Windows. Windows 8 is the best example be forcing the users metro instead of giving them a choice.

    [02:20] - Rebooting takes too long. How to troubleshoot.

    Use xbootmgr from Windows Performance Toolkit

    xbootmgr -trace rebootCycle -noPrepReboot

    this captures the complete reboot (shutdown and boot). Look what takes long time. maybe you override the pagefile with zeros which slowdown shutdown.


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    @MagicAndre1981 don't interpret your views as those of all Windows users.

    I prefer metro and think its going to be great. Remember when 95 came out, so many people spoke out and wanted to keep the 3.1 style interface.


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    Sorry to hear you dont like Win8/Metro as much some others. The swing for me was when some one (I think in a c9 video) said, 'Oh yeah, Metro is just the Start menu but more powerful'. *penny drop*!

    You totally can kick back to desktop (which is where I spend most of my time). All the old tricks are still there, my fav being WinKey+"anything" to search for "anything".

    I am loving Win8 and think the guys at MS have done a great job.

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