Defrag: Surface Pro 3, Windows 8.1. Update Power Button, Cortana and the Leaf and more...

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    [00:54] Surface Pro 3 Discussion

    yeah, the screenratio is much better. Everyone told you this at the beginning when first Surface was announced. Nice to see that it now available.

    The only bad thing is, that you still have no Budget Version with a Baytrail or later with a Core M (Broadwell) SoC. I would sell my Encore 8 and pick a Surface Mini with 3:2 Ration. 16:10 sucks.

    [02:42] Windows 8.1 Update and making the Power Button appear on the Start screen on touch devices

    I also don't have it on my Encore 8, so this also applies to Baytrail "Always on" tablets.

    [08:17] Closing an Modern App brings up the Desktop

    StartIsBack ftw. Here you can configure to Show the envronment where you started the app (to Desktop, if app was started there or to startscreen if it was started there)

    [11:48] Delete the WindowsSxS after after upgrade

    no, I'm still at 8.0, deleted the file and it was never created again.

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    You can't diss Zune, it's still the best media player for a windowed environment and a lot quicker than the win8 app for large collections.

    Poor Zune :(

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    @Spitefulgod: No diss'ing Zune, just memories of what once was. :)

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