Defrag: System Images, HDMI Audio, Hybrid Drives

Play Defrag: System Images, HDMI Audio, Hybrid Drives

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    The Channel 9 at JPL link comes up to a valid page but when playing the video it has nothing to play.

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    It is funny that I just saw that video a couple days ago.

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    @"How to turn off HDMI default audio device." question:

    Try disabling your HDMI audio playback devices.

    I don't think it'll re-enable itself.

    I used to connect my laptop to my TV with HDMI and used optical for sound .If I remember correctly disabling HDMI sound got rid of that problem.


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    @Algorithum: Sorry about that, if you click the wmv or MP4 link to the right of the player it should work for you.

    @VoidFeast: I'm with you on that, user said it was toggling back on reboot. I've never seen that myself, but not installing the audio driver would take care of that problem in short order.  

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    Yakko Warner

    I've found that OEMs don't make install media available anymore; rather, they provide you with a "system restore" disk (or, more often, a hard drive partition, usually with the option to burn to a DVD that I've never seen actually work) that essentially re-images your hard drive back to the state in which it shipped -- with all drivers, apps, ads, bloatware, etc. that came with it.

    There are quite a few advantages to this -- all necessary and correct (if dated) drivers get installed, it's a whole lot faster to re-image than to go through an install process, no devices will get missed or mis-detected -- but it does make it next to impossible to get a true "vanilla" Windows install.

    (I suppose it doesn't hurt to call and ask for a plain Windows install disk, but I don't know if they'll honor such a request.)

    If you download an ISO from MSDN, could you use the OEM's key (the "genuine Windows" sticker they stick on the machine) to activate it, without having to burn a key from your MSDN allotment?

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    FYI: The SSD specific settings are setup after running the Performance test (for calculating the Windows Experience Index)

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    RE: "Where can user get install media for laptop"

    What are Microsoft's views if you were to just download an OEM disk from somewhere (it the 'net) and use the legitimate (OEM sticker) key with that?


    Ok, so you have to get drivers (if windows misses them - I never even had to bother looking for Windows 7 or 8 Release Preview), but at least you'd get a clean install without all the crap.

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    Here you can download the Win 7 HP x64 iso legaly

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    Chris Brookins

    @"Is it possible to have browser running from another user account"

    In Windows 7 Pro, you can hold the Shift key and right click the application icon you want to run. From the menu select "Run as a different user" and supply the other users credentials. I use this day to day in a domain environment, but it also works with local accounts.

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