Defrag: TPM & Bitlocker, Search Service, How to Pick Wifi Hardware

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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:15] Is there a way to start Windows Device Manager faster?
[02:39] I get error "Incompatible TPM device" when using Bitlocker.
[06:55] In on Morto worm and how it works. Are machines on home network with no password at risk?
[09:39] How exactly does Search Service work? Best practices for searching folders. [link]
[11:58] Can I move the User folder to a non-system partition? [link]
[14:15] What to look for when picking a WiFi card.
[17:45] What to look for when picking a WiFi router.  
[19:24] How to run pinned icons as elevated?
[20:15] Is it possible to downgrade to another version of Windows?
[21:32] How to control media on a PC from distance. [link]
[25:52] Can I select which access point in a group my computer connects to?
[27:19] WiFi card in laptop appears to be working but can't see a network.
[29:50] Hearing noise from unused platter drive in SSD laptop. Cause?  
[32:15] Adding apps to the Windows 7 Explorer Favorites List.



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      Downgrading Windows edition. If he's REALLY concerned about being able to downgrade, he can use one of the many imaging tools such as Acronis True Image, Ghost, or even Windows Home Server to create an image before upgrading. Then he'll be able to just do a restore to effectively downgrade.

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      I would run ProcMon to see why there is such delay after connecting the device. In ProcMon you can look at the Duration column to see what takes so long.

      To downgrade from a higher SKU to a lower SKU use this tool:

      It changes some settings so that Windows thinks it is the lower SKU. Next run Setup.exe and choose Upgrade to start the InPlace Upgrade and now your higher SKu is downgraded to the lower SKU because windows thinks it does an Inplace upgrade to repair the lower SKU Big Smile

      If no WLANs can be found make sure the Wireless service is running. I also have a strange issue when I return from hibernation in Windows 7. Here my WLAN is also not shown, so I have to go to device manager, disable the WiFi card and enable the WiFi card again. Now I can connect to the WLAN without any issues. Looks like a Windows 7 bug but there is no fix for it. The user show try this too.

      And please change the link of the WAIK in the last show Wink

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      iirc the pro sku doesn't have media center.  Maybe that's why?

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      iirc the pro sku doesn't have media center.  Maybe that's why?

      no, this was in Vista. There the business didn't have the Media center. In Windows 7 all higher SKUs include the functions from the lower SKU.

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      ,Magic​Andre1981 wrote

      I would run ProcMon to see why there is such delay after connecting the device. In ProcMon you can look at the Duration column to see what takes so long.

      Thanks MagicAndre1981, Gov, and Larry.  I watched the events in ProcMon and narrowed down the time frames.  It appears that the networking stack to the device takes 3 to 7 seconds (varies with each device connect) to become usable.  I setup a CMD window with "ping -t" and could see where the device was unreachable (disconnected) then general failure (device was just connected) then ping results (device networking established) then after 3 or 4 successful pings the device's networking was generally available to other applications.

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      1 thing where you want to do an downgrade is if users tried the Enterprise 90day trial, installed all their software and later bought a Home Premium license. But now they had to reinstall everything. Here makes the downgrade sense.

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      You can save your searches as well, which I found useful.

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