Defrag: Task Bar, Pop ups and UNC Behavior

Play Defrag: Task Bar, Pop ups and UNC Behavior

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    My question is to Gov. Why are you always wearing sunglasses inside what seems to be pretty dark environment there.

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    @problems accessing UNC: I have a similar issue that when I type \\machine\C$\folder\ in the win+R prompt it fails, but typing the same UNC path in Windows Explorer succeeds. Try in Windows Explorer, if it works don't bother your admin - it might be by design in windows.

    @anti-pick: Most of these options look like just "different settings from around the system put together on one page" and that's completely OK, but when it says "this super hidden undocumented top secret switch", then you DO NOT want to switch it. It's hidden for a reason, it's undocumented for a reason (obsolete or designed for one single internal usage only or a tool for testers that somehow got left in the system).

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    @gt65345: They're prescription glasses. We talked about it on a recent show. And he's cool, so there's that. 

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    @renaming question: I didn't hear in the description that there was a domain at the workplace. If they are just a bunch of PCs in a small office can you still create a domain (ie no active directory server)? I'm assuming you could install linux and/or LDAP and play around but probably not a supportable small office solution.

    Can you just tick AD somewhere like you can with IIS as a windows feature to add?

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    Pick/Anti-Pick of the Week: Massive Collection of Registry Tweaks

    "...In other to apply the tweaks, just select the once you want, ...", Perplexed

    Great this has been Anti-Picked...

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    [12:24] - PC taking 10 minutes to boot but restarts faster.

    again, use xbootmgr, last show had links to my tutorial on msfn (this one, was for Win7, I also made the same for Win8, which also covers the new fastStartup tracing command)

    The IDE drive is not shown for Win8, if it is NOT configured as master. If it is CS or slave, you must run this command from a CMD with admin rights:

    reg.exe add "HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\atapi\Controller0" /f /v EnumDevice1 /t REG_DWORD /d 0x00000001

    [16:08] - Getting rid of a toolbar.

    use this too to kill them:" alt="Generic Comment Image">>


    [16:50] - Space taken in ProgramData\Microsoft.

    Gov, look at this issue. Some Windows 8 users reported that the Windows.edb explodes and takes a lot of space:

    Darrell Gorter said MSFT is aware of it, but he never replied back.


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    Thanks for responding to my snarky email about the Control Panel icons. For some reason if you go to the Control Panel via the link in Explorer's Navigation Pane (with "Show all folders" enabled) you still get hit with the Category View every time. It turns out, however, that this is the same behavior that was present in Windows 7 so I was wrong about that.

    I'll still argue that the fastest, most efficient way to get to a Control Panel applet was to press the Windows key and then type the first few letters of the item that you're looking for (Indexing Options in this case). I just gave up and installed StartMenu8 to get this functionality back.

    Re: Saving space on an SSD - How about disabling hibernation? If you have an SSD why waste your limited write cycles flushing gigabytes of RAM to your drive when you can cold boot in a few seconds anyway? Open an elevated command prompt and type

    powercfg.exe -h off
    and Windows will immediately delete hiberfil.sys which is probably taking up a few gigs of space.

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