Defrag: Uninstall leftovers, IE Crash, Watchdog Bugcheck

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    Gov works in building 7? Sure he does. Wink

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    David Garbacz

    Thanks guys for answering my question! Glad Andrew caught my typo. Realized it was DPC after I sent the email :) keep up the great work!

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    David Garbacz

    Hey!! Glad they found a solution for my "1 minute monitor lock" issue too!

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    I thought I'd mention that the annoying GUI in Jurassic Park is a real Unix GUI. It's called FSN.

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    Gov / Larry,

    I'm a fan.  I love the show.  I found an interesting problem that I cannot see away around.

    Problem Description:
    a) Windows 8
    b) Windows 8 Media Center Pack
    c) I purchased a license for the Media Center Pack
    d) I installed it on 1 computer and it works just fine.
    e) I used the same license for a second computer thinking, it probably should work and it did, however, the next day I recieve an activation window
    f) I was cool with purchasing another license for $9.99 as I like Media Center enough
    g) Now, I'm stuck in "Hell", I cannot activate the product and I can't get the Activation Window to stop popping up
    h) When I call the number 855-469-9468 thinking that I can just purchase there, I'm in "Hell" again. I cannot get around the prompts and I cannot purchase a license

    What is a brother to do ?

    I still absolutely "LOVE" Windows 8 - but good golly, this one is trying as it is on my DEV PC.


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    [05:42] - Chad Beeder update on monitor turning off after 1 minute at lock screen.

    there seams to be a GUI, after applying a hack:

    Generic Comment Image


    [06:40] - "Leftovers" after uninstalling legacy apps as related to Windows Store apps.

    Yes, removing the apps removes all temp files from this app. And this is also the recommendation from MSFT to kill those temp files:


    [14:16] - IE crashing but unsure how to get good dump from the right process.

    I let the Windows Error reporting service to generate the dumps for me. Here is mine for IE:

    The activates WER to generate dumps in C:\localdumps In addition it also activates AppVerifier/PageHeap


    [19:50] Winupdate issues.

    this means a file is not found:

    C:\Users\André>err 0x80070002
    # for hex 0x80070002 / decimal -2147024894
      COR_E_FILENOTFOUND                                             corerror.h
      DIERR_NOTFOUND                                                 dinput.h
      DIERR_OBJECTNOTFOUND                                           dinput.h
      STIERR_OBJECTNOTFOUND                                          stierr.h
    # as an HRESULT: Severity: FAILURE (1), FACILITY_WIN32 (0x7), Code 0x2
    # for hex 0x2 / decimal 2
      ERROR_FILE_NOT_FOUND                                           winerror.h
    # The system cannot find the file specified.
    # 5 matches found for "0x80070002"

    (Btw, why is err.exe removed from Win8 SDK)?

    Run the WinUpdate troubleshooter and delete the content of this folder and C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\Download and check again for new updates.


    @David Garbacz have you figured out which driver it was?

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    A question for a future Defrag:

    I needed to know the scope of what Microsoft Security Essentials scans when performing a Quick scan.  I pulled out Process Monitor (elevated) and filtered on MsMpEng.exe to take a looksie.  While Process Monitor showed lots of lovely stuff, I wondered did it show it all?  Who has the lowest hook, Process Monitor or MSE?  Who is hiding from who?

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    Yakko Warner

    @LarryLa - I do the same thing with my own domain w/r/t emails.  Let me know when you do the "throw email sellers under the bus" show; I have a few of my own for the list.   Devil

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    I believe the Jurassic Park "Unix" was the "Button Fly" demo app that came with Irix on Silicon Graphics Workstations. SGI workstations were the computers for visual fx at the time.

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    Process Explorer is an interesting tool. Thanks for showing us.

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