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Defrag: VS Compile prob, Moving AppData, Versioning AX

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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows 7 (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:38] - VS C# project release version won't run but debug version does. 
[02:31] - KB2760600 OneNote 2010 update continuously tries to install. [link]
[03:48] - IE9 and IE10 hangs to white screen and crashes. 
[07:57] - Display sleep time out doesn't persist on lock screen. 
[09:22] - IE process hangs using many tabs with Flash content. 
[11:10] - How to see version number on a .ax file. 
[11:55] - How to change systray date from yyyy/mm/dd to mm/dd/yyyy. 
[12:46] - Can drivers other than display be installed without uninstalling old ones? 
[14:00] - Dealing with malware if rootkit tools can't find it.  
[15:53] - Is there a way to move AppData from primary to another drive? 
[16:58] - What is the Windows Security Button and where is it located? 
[18:45] - Way to minimize apps when computer locks. [link]
[20:47] - How to remote to machine where it isn't enabled. [link]
[23:50] - Pick of the Week: Kinect update. [link]
[00:00] - Pick of the Week: Win8 Handbook. [link]
[00:00] - Pick of the Week: MS MVP on Surface Pro as main PC. [link]



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    The Discussion

    • CHfish

      Thank you for your great show.

      Just one thing on the archives: Just install 7-ZIP - it's free (open-source) and opens nearly everything (like RAR, tar and tar.gz which by the way from my point of view should really be supported by Windows because it's really widely used).

    • siodmy

      @ 3D things I would print: obviously a "Channle9 Guy" whitch you seem to be lacking this episode.

      @universal remote in hotel: tell us if it worked once you do it.

    • siodmy

      @CHfish: isn't RAR proprietary (ie. if you want to support it in a paid product you have to pay for the license)?

    • Ken

      @ 16:30: reinstalling the OS is not that difficult? Are you kidding? Sure, re-installing the OS isn't so bad, but then you have to go through all the updates, etc. Maybe not "difficult" but, extremely time consuming. And, of course, then there's also the subsequent re-installing of apps and all of their updates... and restoring you preferences.... Practically speaking, unless you have another machine to work on while this is happening, you can kiss at least 1/2 of your work day bye-bye. That is a bitter pill to swallow!

    • LarryLarsen

      @siodmy: You don't have to print a C9 guy, you can just send me your address and I'll send you one. Smiley  But I'll find out about getting the model up somewhere. Thanks

    • LarryLarsen

      @siodmy: WinRar is a paid product but it's nagware in that you can just click a dialog every time you use it. 

    • LarryLarsen

      @Ken: I tend to let it run while I'm doing something else, and fair enough I do have multiple machines. It's not that bad though and if you're on Windows 8 you can use the cloud for your settings to save you those steps as well as use the Windows Store to have it reinstall all your modern apps again. Just go to My Apps in the Windows store. You could also boot off a VHD, which, after setting up, is probably the fastest easiest way to blow away a machine and start new.  

    • Magic​Andre1981

      7z is the BEST file compression format! You get massive smaller files with LZMA2+ULTRA

      [03:48] - IE9 and IE10 hangs to white screen and crashes.

      inside IE, click on restore default settings. Also try to use software rendering.


      [07:57] - Display sleep time out doesn't persist on lock screen.

      I have no idea, because the first thing I do in Win8 is to disable this ugly and useless lockscreen crap.

      [11:10] - How to see version number on a .ax file.

      I answered this on

      Install this nice addon to get the old XP view:

      Generic Comment Image


      Here you can see the file and codec-version.


      12:46] - Can drivers other than display be installed without uninstalling old ones?

      yes, but the driver repository folder explodes (C:\Windows\System32\DriverStore\FileRepository) when you don't uninstall the old drivers. You can use pnputil to kill old drivers after you installed the new one to cleanup this folder.

      [14:00] - Dealing with malware if rootkit tools can't find it. 

      try GMER:


    • Emkay1001

      [07:57] - Display sleep time out doesn't persist on lock screen.

      This might be the "Console Lock Timeout":

    • Moumen

      The link for the Kinect update is incorrect (it links to PsExec). Please fix Wink

    • ChadBeeder

      @Emkay1001: Right, it is the console lock timeout, which is separate from the regular video idle timeout. The "Turn off the display" setting in the Power control panel allows you to adjust the video idle timeout, but the timeout when on the lock screen (which defaults to 1 minute) is not adjustable via the GUI.

      You don't need to add any special registry hacks to adjust the lock screen display timeout, though. You can do it via an elevated command prompt using the following commands:

      powercfg /setacvalueindex SCHEME_CURRENT SUB_VIDEO VIDEOCONLOCK <time in seconds> 
      powercfg /setactive SCHEME_CURRENT 

      This would set the console lock timeout for when the system is on AC power. To change it for the battery power profile (I wouldn't recommend this), use "/setdcvalueindex" instead.

    • ChadBeeder

      We now have a KB article published which explains the monitor timeout at lock screen issue [07:57].

      Monitor powers off after 1 minute when PC is locked

    • jcitron

      Hi guys,

      Here are a couple of 3D programs to look at.

      Try MOI3d a relatively inexpensive nurbs-based modeler with excellent export filters. My brother uses it to generate 3d-printed objects that he uses to create spin-cast metal objects from. He sculpts the objects in real time as though he' s cutting clay.

      There is also freeware applications such as Blender 3d which I've used once. It has quite a steep learning curve though so have patience if you've never used it before.

      Great show as always. Keep up the great work.



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