Defrag: Viewing SMART, WIFI Network Connections, Wok, UEFI, Disk Cleanup and more....

Play Defrag: Viewing SMART, WIFI Network Connections, Wok, UEFI, Disk Cleanup and more....

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    Talking about UEFI and Secure boot.  Is there any way to get to the bios of an RT system.  Also is there any way to disable bitlocker on an RT system.  Seems that the system has it's hangups, and was hoping that some bios reconfiguration could help.  Also I was informed by yall that bitlocker on my hard drive could be slowing it down as well.  Any advice?

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    I completely agree, launchers are generally unnecessary. No idea why people feel the need to install third-party software, when the built-in solution works perfectly fine. Whenever I need to launch a program or document, I simply press {WIN} + Q, and start typing. The only reason I do this instead of simply pressing {WIN} is because {WIN} + Q is a little bit less intrusive.

    Speaking of desktop icons, I disable them as a practice on all my computers. I don't need desktop icons when I can simply search for what I need with {WIN} + Q.

    Trevor Sullivan
    Microsoft MVP: PowerShell

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    Good show.

    One reason we need launchers: To run recently installed programs. There are 2 situations when Win + Q is useless:
    1) I cannot not remember name of a program
    2) I do not know the name of a program (because it is new)

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    Also is there any way to disable bitlocker on an RT system. 

    open charsbar, go to the "pc Settings", go to PC & devices and now to PC-info. Here you can disabl the encryption. This is for a normal Windows 8.1 (x86), so I'm not sure if it works for Windows 8.1 RT, too.

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    [01:24] Windows 7 is taking a long time to connect to a wireless network

    install the WPT ( and run this CMD and capture the issue:

    zip the generated ETL and share it (onedrive, dropbox link)

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    Hi! Sorry to light up the discussion about skins ;)
    About why I need a launcher, Window's start menu does a lot of things, but not all of them and sometimes too many. With Launchy I can:

    - fuzzy-search only folders: I have a lot of duplicated files on my document folders, I prefer not to index that, and only show folders on my results (*).
    - search folders within folders: I can search for a root folder, hit TAB and start completing the path like a command line.
    - search only for a couple of filetypes on a particular folder: I share documentation on a Dropbox folder, so, I like to index doc/pdf/rtf on this particular folder only.
    - use a particular search engine: I have keywords for search on key sites, for example, I can type phpdocs [tab] function name, to search on php documentation only. I have many, for MSN,, etc.
    - open URL on a particular browser: sometimes I need to test something on a particular browser, I have a keyword for that.
    - open a SSH connection using Kitty. Just type kitty [tab] the connection name, and you have the SSH ready.
    - and other little things like launch a timer/countdown, calculator, turn off the screen, etc.

    As you can see, is not that I can't do this using a mix of start menu, explorer and browser, but this way I have all centralized on one launch application, just a key away.

    (*) I remember discussing this with Gov and why the start menu can't do that.

    Great show!

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    Another reason for launchers, they usually display in the center of the screen versus in the top right corner as with Win+S. Not a huge deal if you're using a device like the Surface Pro 3, but if you're using a larger monitor it can really add to eye strain if you use search a lot.

    RT does not support Bitlocker as this is a Windows 8 Pro feature. There's also no way to access the BIOS of an RT device, at least not with the Surface models (I have both). I'm curious as to what settings you think could be robbing you of performance. The Surface RT was always slow, the Surface 2 was much better in terms of performance. If yours has suddenly become slower, I'd recommend running the wmic command Gov showed to check the SSD health, or performing a Windows refresh. Also, make sure your device is current with Windows updates. Beyond that, you'd really have to look at Task Manager to see if a process is thrashing your SSD or eating RAM, or perhaps Event Viewer to see if they were frequent critical, error, or warning events that might be causing the performance loss.

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