Defrag: WHS+MC, Error 1325, Using Onboard VGA+PCI Video

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    [05:01] - Preventing Skydrive from copying large files to local PC.

    this is why I uninstalled the SkyDrive client. This sucks so much. Dropbox has the Selective Sync feature which allows you to select which files you don't want to download:

    I have 1 question which is a bit related to the SkyDrive app. It installs 3 new ShellIconOverlayIdentifiers and because of this I lost other icons. Will this small limit ever be increased? I'm tired of reporting this over and over again. It impact user experience a lot.

    [09:35] - What * actually does in a Windows Explorer search.

    The search sucks, use better tools like

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    Yes! I'm with you Larry. I've been a big fan of pens and Tablet PCs for years. Smiley

    But my 4+ year old Toshiba just keeps on ticking. I may have to put it out to pasture so I can get the x230-T.

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