Defrag: We're Back (again), New or Old Studio (You Decide), Windows 10 Anniversary and more...

Play Defrag: We're Back (again), New or Old Studio (You Decide), Windows 10 Anniversary and more...
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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:23] Fourth show of the Year! :|
[01:20] Old Studio or New? YOU Decide!

[02:46] Windows 10 Anniversary, Media Creation Tool

[10:12] From the last show, TortoiseCVS and UAC (link)

[10:53] Just installed Outlook and the week is starting on Wednesday (File -> options -> calendar -> first day of week)
[11:47] Windows 8.1 Disk Management tool and partitions on USB flash drives
[13:23] Dell laptop trackpad stopped working?
[14:08] Disable CMD for Child Accounts on Windows 8.1
[15:16] Looking for a File Explorer replacement
[17:50] Aero Theme and Windows 10
[18:29] Added VLC right-click support for ISO's

Pick of the Week! [18:58] Eero Wifi
Tip of the Week! [22:12] WIFI Antenna Layout
Pick of the Week!
[24:43] Lightblade VR, Hot Dogs, Horse Shows and Handgrenades
Pick of the Week! [26:36] Plumbago

Bargain of the Week! [28:15] Pen Tip Kit



The Discussion

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    that new desk looks great!

  • User profile image

    Thanks for the Wifi tip. Here in Taiwan my wifi must travel through 2 or 3 floors of concrete.
    Make sure you get the Pearl Milk Tea when you come to Taiwan.  It's harder to find in Taipei, but down here in Taichung it's everywhere.

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    I love the new look and the 4k camera makes the studio look awesome. I choose new studio for me.;)
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    Nice new set, but not a new shirt for GM ;) (congrats on the new kid BTW)

    Win10 anniversary spot great - show more hidden gems

    Tweet your Taiwan travelling Ch9 guy pics!

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    These videos are so slow to download... this is the reason why I normally didn't watch channel9 videos...

    Why didn't you just host on youtube?... youtube plays almost instantly...

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    Nice studio Gove and Larry,

    I use Total Commander, Powerfull tool!

    Beste regards.


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    [01:20] Old Studio or New? YOU Decide!

    the new one

    [15:16] Looking for a File Explorer replacement

    I use Altap Salamander for years:

    <img src=""/>

    [17:50] Aero Theme and Windows 10

    ms designer have no taste, so they replaced the glass ui with this 16 color monochrome crap in Windows 8 and made it even more worse in Windows 10. I use with the aero 8 Release preview theme:

    <img src=""/>


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    Looking for a File Explorer replacement

    Try Far Manager

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    New desk FTW!

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    I tried Media Creation Tool. It was wonderful.


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    I prefer the more professional looking set. The other one has too much of a sci-fi feeling to it.

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    Question. Have a Surface Book with Windows 10 Build 14393.51 having no sound when booting cool but when restarting have sound. Done a uninstall of driver that didn't fix it.

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    [15:16] Looking for a File Explorer replacement

    There is a cool utility that is not trying to replace the explorer but actually enhance it with new functionalities: is in essence a search tool, but has some nice tricks, like syncronization of "open file..." dialogs, quicklaunch, etc.

    For a powerful companion app I can strongly recommend Total Commander. Looks crappy and old, but this thing is packed with tons of features for powerusers, like search files by regex and content, bulk rename tool with search & replace for filenames, folders sync (even on FTP), compare files by content (and highlight the changes), split/combine files, uuencode/decode, verify checksums, zip files support, etc. It also support extensions. Really handy to have on the pendrive.

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    TotalCommander FTW.
    This is excellent replacement as Psy mentioned. Norton Commnader look. If you learn powerful shortcuts you can speed up file work... a lot!

    Also tried FreeCommander (also handy and free :))

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