Defrag: We're back with new tools, old tools, partition tips, Hibernate vetoing and more....

Play Defrag: We're back with new tools, old tools, partition tips, Hibernate vetoing and more....
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Microsoft tech troubleshooter extraordinaire Gov Maharaj and I help walk you through troubleshooting solutions to your tech support problems. If you have a problem you want to send us, you can use the Problem Step Recorder in Windows (see this for details on how) and send us the zip file to We will also be checking comments for problems, but the email address will let us contact you if needed.

[00:54] Build
[01:26] Microsoft Edge Web Summit 2016

[02:43] Sysmon
[03:54] Defrag Tools #162 - Defrag Show Crossover - Gov Maharaj

[04:48] Seeing who's connected, active and how to block them (TCPView)
[11:47] Partition HD after OS install
[13:21] What is KB3152599? (link)
[14:12] Windows 10 Hibernate veto
[16:47] Force Windows 10 to always display a shutdown confirmation?
[18:43] Why is Data Deduplication only supported in Server Editions?
[20:12] My webcam is always "in use by another application"
[21:18] Windows 10 1511 PT-BR exFAT shows wrong cluster size when formatting
[22:05] Changing the Spacebar scroll behavior
[23:05] Activation issues for Windows Insider Fast Ring?
[23:54] UWP Apps not loading on Insider Fast Ring and a Gov CCLeaner moment
[25:01] Source for RAM Disk API (link)
[25:25] RAM Doubler Flashback 
[26:25] An Excel workbook takes minutes to open

Pick of the Week:[27:41] Nokia OZO VR Camera



The Discussion

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    Welcome back guys. Good show.

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    I just started having the same problem with Hibernation after the latest windows updates. I would press my sleep key combination, it would appear to hibernate but then the screen would come back if I moved the mouse or tapped a key. Even selecting the menu option wouldn't work. Finally, I just shutdown.
    Yesterday, it worked ok.  I'll have to see what happens today at the end of work.

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    Can I, in Win2012 R2, setup a mirrored vDisk, using 2-1TB drives and also turn on Data Deduplication to get back the 1TB I lose by mirroring... and have confidence that all the Data Deduplicate links, meta data, magic stuff is mirrored?

    Also, why did you recommend against Storage Spaces (in a previous video) when MS appeared to push it as the way to go?

    I'm curious about Data Deduplication. I've seen from the utility that it can save upward of 50% with normal files and 90% with some virtual HDs.

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    I work for a small hospital, and our user/dept shared data is on a 2k12 failover cluster with a deduped, compressed data volume. 1.44 TB user data, taking up _20 GB_ of physical disk space. 'Nuff said.

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    Well, it's worse now. Not only can I not hibernate, I cannot even shutdown (Win10).  I had to power off then run then it requested to run restart and do the disk repair 2x.
    The problem started after the latest windows update and nothing else has been change with my system.

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    awesome pick of the week

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    I did a search for others that have started having this problem within the last 24 hours and there are others.

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    So of course, the RAM doubler has now become a built-in feature in Windows 10, See "System and compressed memory" in task manager...

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    for the problem with the "failure" (or the wakeup) of hibernation... maybe the "lastwake" option of powercfg can help -> see:

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    windows 10 hyper-v does have RemoteFX

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    [18:43] Why is Data Deduplication only supported in Server Editions?


    I completely disagree. Do a web search for duplicate detection tools. The users have a large need to detect/remove Dups. This is a Feature what every Windows (mobile, Desktop, Server, IoT) should include.

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    I got few questions.
    1) Gov, why you consider CCleaner as such a pain? Can you elaborate a bit? For me it has few decent features. Best is drive wiper.
    When comes to cleaning of course you need to know what you are deleting, but it is a bit help when comes to gathering information. Also their Defraggler seems decent.
    2) When comes to cleaning here's my another question. If you have sensitive file and you want to delete that file leaving no trace, what is the best way to do it? I personally like something called Securely Empty Trash on MacOSX. But in Windows I see nothing like it. Why Microsoft never went to that area?
    3) Speaking of MacOSX. When comes to backup their Time Machine gives nice way of backing up files. This utility is very transparent and KNOWN to all Mac users I ever met. Windows offers more (VSS, OneDrive, WindowsBackup, FileHistory). But for some reason those kind of stay in background from user's perspective. In my opinion one has to be very concious Windows user to be able to use backup while on Mac it seems for everyone. Maybe in Windows 10 is a bit more visible, but not that loudly advertised by Microsoft. Still, who knows that FileHistory is such important and easy to use? :)

    That's all. Keep on doing great work :)

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    Use SDelete. It is not built in and it is not GUI based but it is free from MS:

    I too would like more elaboration on Gov's misgivings regarding CCleaner (the disk cleaning part, not the Registry "cleaning" part). I am unconvinced my particular problem had anything to do with it and I have used it for years on my own and clients' PCs without incident. I find it eliminates a lot more junk than cleanmgr, even disregarding its support for cleaning up after various browsers and other software.

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     When are you coming back?[H]


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    @mikenone:In just over 5 hours... :)

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