Defrag: Windows 10, Microsoft Edge, Wi-Fi Channels and more...

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The Discussion

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    Will this scenario work?:

    - Upgrade Windows 8.1 to Windows 10 RTM.

    - Create Windows 10 ISO file from ESD file.

    - Use the ISO to do a fresh install of Windows 10.

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    Mike Greenway

    jvs_ca, You beat me to it. I have heard that Your  scenario is the way to go, that it works with the new licensing scheme.  So yeah, what he said!?

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    [07:08] What are the Optional Updates and why are/were there so many

    Microsoft stopped creating large UpdateRollups which bundle them all. Now you have to install each of the update on your own.

    And in Windows10 you don't even have the Chance to select updates, you get them automatically. I just wait for a new broken update that makes the PCs of a lot of users unbootable after patchday and users calling Support/visiting MS Forums and need help.

    And Win10 only gets 2 years more Support comapred to Windows 8.1, so it makes no sense to update to Windows 10 with ist broken UI and broken UX.

    I'll only update it Aero Glass and a Win8RP theme is available.


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    The Default theme of Win10 causes eye eye strain and headache.

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    @jvs_ca: After you upgraded you can go into Settings -> Updates -> System Recovery -> Refresh my PC, don't keep anything. It's the same as a fresh install.

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    Mike Greenway

    if we all chip in 5 bucks, will you do another show?

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    @Mike Greenway:Nope, you get one for free. New episode is coming out tomorrow afternoon. :)

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