Defrag: Windows 10, Minecraft, Edison Robot, EMET and more...

Play Defrag: Windows 10, Minecraft, Edison Robot, EMET and more...

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    Upgraded from Win8.1 x64, (connected to Windows Server 2012 R2 + Essentials Role)

    Things that don't work ...
    Kaspersky Internet Security 2014, and the Windows Server Essentials Connector Software (both removed by upgrade process)

    I tried to manually re-install the connector, but it fails:

    Connector Install (C:\WINDOWS\Temp\ClientDeploymentTempFiles\Windows8-RT-KB2790621-x64.msu) failed with status 4

    So can't backup/restore from server :(

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    [06:10] Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit for Security

    EMET5 is already hacked, so it may not protect you all the time:

    [08:42] Windows Performance Counters for Hard Drive Health

    Gov, you should look for a SSD Update for your 840EVO. It has perf issues when reading data which haven't be touched for a long time:

    [13:28] Windows 8/8.1 File Explorer thumbnail creation

    I was able to recover some pictures with a repair tool to VGA Resolution. It is better compared to the thumbnails.

    [18:38] Leaner Windows?

    build a new Windows Embedded Standard 7/8 Image and include what you want.

    In 8.1 the Team followed my advice to kill VGA drivers from the image. It made no sense to store AMD drivers in DriverRepository if the tablet only has an Intel HD chip.

    I hope this gets extended in 10 to get more "drivers on demand" like the "features on demand" feature of Windows 8/8.1

    And I saw in Windows 10 that the foundation package is divided into even more smaller packages.

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    Windows8-RT MSU updates target Version 6.2 (Windows 8, 2012) only, so they don't work in Windows 10 which is internally Version 6.4.

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    @MagicAndre1981:quite true, but that's what the ClientConnector tries to install when you http to a 2012 R2 Essentials Server - I may try to install the Server 10 Preview and hopefully get a Win 10 Connector from that

    Well I did install Server 10 Preview & Win 10 Preview in VMs, then http'd to the Server 10 from Win 10, downloaded the connector and it failed - this time the log showed:

    (C:\Windows\Temp\ClientDeploymentTempFiles\Windows8.2-KB2790621-x64.msu) failed with status 4 :( :(




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    Can we install Windows 10 in a Gen 2 Virtual Machine.? -David

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    Hoang zaza

    i love windows

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    [08:42] Windows Performance Counters for Hard Drive Health - Moving parts ALWAYS break... :D

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    Regarding the failed hard drive issues. I agree we don't know all the details other than that it doesn't work and is broke. That makes any actual recommendations difficult!

    Having said that, there are tools and methods available depending upon the situation. If it clicks, or doesn't mount in the system BIOS, don't attempt to do any recovery yourself. There's not much you can do so plan on sending it out if the data is critical. This is an expensive proposition and should be considered only if the data is truly important.

    If the drive spins, however, it is quite possible using software tools to rebuild the drive. A working drive, without data appearing, that used to be there, usually means the MFT has become corrupted. The MFT is what keeps track of what's on the drive similar to the old FAT, but more reliable. A few years ago, I used to use Disk Doctors NTFS Data Recovery from Disk Doctor Labs .

    This does a track, by track recovery that lets you see the data and hopefully recover it to another device by copying the files and folders. For the times I used it, it was quite successful and my end-users were quite happy, being mostly C-Level management this made them even happier.

    The program wasn't expensive, if I recall, probably in the $200 range about 4 years ago. I have used it for Windows XP and Windows 7 machines, and I'm sure it will work for Windows 8.x


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    I put Windows 10 in a VM.

    Huge problem is Windows 7 and aero looks so elegant when tweaked. Windows 8 looked horrible and windows 10 is the same. Its butt ugly on a PC. I can see you need cut down UI for tablets and phones. But on my desktop I want to too look good.

    Worst feature is white background windows and no usable way to change it.


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