Defrag: Windows 10 Upgrade Tips, Microsoft IoT Starter Kits, Windows To Go and more...

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    Hey guys, Leon from IronKey here. Thanks for the positive message on Windows To Go - as you can guess we really like it. Send me note if you'd like to try out the hardware encrypted version - happy for you all to check it out.

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    Gov Maharaj says at around [22:25] that it is possible to use Windows To Go with the Pro SKU of windows. Am I missing something, did this get added in windows 10 or do he simply mis-speak?

    I am unable to find the app in my copy of windows 10 pro, but I am able to pull it up at work in the enterprise version. Is there another way that Gov is creating these flash drives?

    I would love to have a portable carbon copy of my system, but I am unlikely to buy an personal enterprise license of windows just for this feature.

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    when you use Rufus you can also use Home or Pro to create a WinToGo drive:

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