Defrag: Windows 8.1 Upgrades, Overheating, Keeping Safe Online

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    I had a flaky 2TB drive, kept cutting out and clicking and generally doing the whole dying hdd thing, at first I thought it was a PSU issue with the machine having 4 drives and beefy gpu since scan disk would contunue to comeback with no fault... turns out it was dodgy firmware on the HDD that needed updating.  Updated from the manufacturers website and all was well.

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    Funny thing is that you had to go through the email to sign in to your Adobe account no matter how you've accessed it at first.

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    You need to show that Surface video on YouTube to Mr Ballmer & Co. - Get the on to the marketing team. More stuff like this would do wonders for the product line!

    I saw the video a few days ago and was amazed at the things my Surface 2 can do!

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    7:10 "...there's also MSDN, where you can download the ISO."

    Not so fast. That's only for people with volume license keys.

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      Do you think that Microsoft sell their product on channel 9 for Christmas Cool.  


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    HP has recently released a BIOS/ROM upgrade for the MicroServer generation like N40L. I have already upgrade my N40L server and the Win2012 R2 evaluation installation went without issues now.

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