Defrag: Windows 8.1 updates, Unity 3D on Surface Pro, Time Travel Diag

Play Defrag: Windows 8.1 updates, Unity 3D on Surface Pro, Time Travel Diag

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    Rob White

    On the Windows 8.0 -> 8.1 front, can you shed some light on the backup changes. I was using system image backup on 8.0, as I wanted to preserve the application installations against hard drive failure etc.
    This I understand is deprecated in 8.1 but still available. However if you try to run it fails with "There is not enough space to create the volume shadow copy on the storage location. … ". This is happening on the EFI partition.
    Annoyingly the system keeps trying to back up, as there is some job somewhere trying to run, as one hasn't been run for a while.
    What are your suggestions for either
    (i) fixing this issue regarding the volume shadow copy
    (ii) at least stopping the job from running
    (iii) how to make the equivalent to a system image backup on Windows 8.1



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    Same issue here-have tried on three different drives that work fine on my Win 8 desktop but not on 8.1 laptop upgraded from 8-worked before upgrade. Any ideas guys?

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    Very interesting show, Larry and Gov. I'm having problems updating my desktop PC at home, from Windows 8 Pro, to Windows 8.1 Pro. It just won't do it, and that's after 2 attempts. However, this show has made me think that maybe the issue is with some hard drivers I've got installed. One in particular, might be what's causing my problems, as it's to an old HP Laser printer, which I don't even have anymore (I think the driver is still installed). I'm going to try removing that driver and see if that helps.

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    [03:30] - The Windows 8.1 update process.

    but this is the issue Gov. MSFT doesn't give the ISOs to users, so they can't do a clean install.

    [22:39] - Pick of the Week: Time Travel Tracing Diagnostic

    this is useless to point out without providing the WinDbg extension DLL to us so that we can use it.

    [26:11] - Pick of the Week: Nokia 2520

    if you want orange use a FirefoxOS phone Big Smile

    the tablet is also useless, because it still has 16:9 and the ugly Desktop/new UI Mix.


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    Larry and Gov, I am sure you hear a lot more from the people that don't like things, than do.  I figured I would drop my opinion on here FWIW.

    It took about 2 weeks for me to get used to Windows 8 start screen, but I absolutely love it compared to pre W8.  As a developer I always install a LOT of software to test or work with very infrequently.  It was difficult to have a list of apps I cared about all the time vs only when I needed it.  The old pre W8 start menu would be pages, scrolling, never ending and hard to manage. I even had applications that created folders to have shortcuts to my important apps.  So now in W8 I boot to the start screen and am glad for the W8.1 patch that lets us also see just with a click of the down arrow the full list of apps, makes it easier to get to those you might not use often or to pin on the start. There are those that like some of the changes, but I guess we might be the quiet minority.

    Also Larry, I am an old school gamer too, loved Xwing vs Tie Fighter and the old Wing Commander.. if you haven't seen it already you should check out the new game that Chris Roberts creator of Wing Commander has kickstarted.. it is looking to be amazing - .. I am also looking forward to the Valkyrie, I played Eve Online and it's not enough action, as this seems to be...

    Thanks for the show guys, love watching you every week.  Enjoy Gov's techie side and Larry's gamer side, captures two things I love the most out of technology. Smiley

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