Updates to MSTICPy and Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Sentinel

Play Updates to MSTICPy and Jupyter Notebooks in Azure Sentinel

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    Jose (I think) on the call asked about SciSharp and I didn't know the answer.
    Seems that SciSharp is mostly a .Net/C# implementation of libraries that already exist in the Python world: numpy, pandas, keras, pytorch, etc. So the answer is that it would work with those libraries but in their Python rather than .Net form.

    Most Jupyter notebooks that you come across use Python - so there are lots of examples of using these things in the Jupyter/Python world.
    You can also use a .Net (C# and others such as F#) kernel with Jupyter - so all of your coding will be in the language you choose. Msticpy is pure Python and won't run in a C# notebook. However there are options for interoperability - e.g. data sharing via pandas dataframes - between the Python and .Net world.

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