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7 Tips for Creating Technical Content

Play 7 Tips for Creating Technical Content

The Discussion

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    thank you very much for these 7 tips. I totally agree on the importance to try out a tutorial on either a fresh machine or a fresh environment. Quite often, unfortunately too often, I ran into exactly that issue. Incomplete tutorials, or "magical tutorials" as I dubbed them, written and published online - sometimes they are the only "usable" search result that pops up in either Bing or Google. I put some thoughts on that together in my blog...

    Please provide more tips on technical writing, probably preparations for tech talks, and similar areas. Thanks and cheers, JoKi

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    @JoKi:I'm glad you liked the episode --and thank you for the future topic idea! Technical content is so important, but so hard to get right (or, as you note on your blog: "magical tutorial" syndrome :)). 



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