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7 Tips for Creating Technical Content

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Based on their experiences writing for various sites, hosting YouTube series, and organizing and presenting at conferences, Adron Hall (@adron) and Christina Warren (@film_girl) share their top tips for creating technical content, including the critical things that are easy to forget. You'll learn where they (and others) have gone wrong, so you don't make the same mistakes –and get the advice you need to capture – and keep –audience interest, without sacrificing practical, useful, and technical guidance.

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The Discussion

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    thank you very much for these 7 tips. I totally agree on the importance to try out a tutorial on either a fresh machine or a fresh environment. Quite often, unfortunately too often, I ran into exactly that issue. Incomplete tutorials, or "magical tutorials" as I dubbed them, written and published online - sometimes they are the only "usable" search result that pops up in either Bing or Google. I put some thoughts on that together in my blog...

    Please provide more tips on technical writing, probably preparations for tech talks, and similar areas. Thanks and cheers, JoKi

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    @JoKi:I'm glad you liked the episode --and thank you for the future topic idea! Technical content is so important, but so hard to get right (or, as you note on your blog: "magical tutorial" syndrome :)). 



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