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Bring DevOps to Your Open Source Projects: Top 3 Tips for Maintainers

Play Bring DevOps to Your Open Source Projects: Top 3 Tips for Maintainers
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Baruch Sadogurksy (@jbaruch), Head of Developer Relations at JFrog, and Aaron (@arschles), Cloud Advocate at Microsoft and Project Athens Maintainer, talk about the art of DevOps for Open Source – balancing contributor needs with the core DevOps principles: people, process, and tools.

You'll learn how to future-proof your projects, avoid the dreaded "Bus Factor," and get Aaron and Baruch's advice for evaluating and selecting tools, soliciting contributor input and "voting," documenting processes, and so much more.  

00:30 DevOps at the intersection of people, process and tools
01:48 Tip #1: Making decisions for the project
02:41 Tip #2: The importance of documentation
04:10 Tip #3: Select open source cloud tooling and services


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