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How to Meetup: Hosting and Finding Community Events

Play How to Meetup: Hosting and Finding Community Events

The Discussion

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    oh great


    thank you so much !

    oh thanks 


    Good instructions !


    Masoud Ehteshami - Software Developer @ Hadafnet Web Hosting Co

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    Thanks for sharing all that information with us (the community)! It was quite cool!

    So let me share a bit of my thoughts after watching the video! ;) Chloe's go-tos, are quite the perfect bullet points, as totaly agree with no pizza, no warm beer (if there is no beer, no problem), good wifi is allways a great point, but most of all Enternaining aspects, are quite importante! With that said, I agree with "no pitches", but most events I've attendend, there are allways someone pitching some "stuff", let's just say "stuff", cause most of the times it's either "self promotion", or "promoting a product from their company or their employer", and most of the times the product aint that good or that interesting! Wonder if you can advise on some trick to avoid having this kind of stuff in community events, without "waging war" with ppl who "thrive" on that behavior?

    It's allways nice to have "some entertainment" on a meetup or community event! I guess in every community there's a "funny person", who makes fun of "anything"! ;)

    Anywho, great presentation, hope to see some more, with more content!



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    Doctor Who

    Chloe, why do you advise "No pizza"?

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    @apocsantos: Great question! I think pitching in some way is unavoidable (be that a product, yourself, etc). In my opinion, the key is to be subtle and have it be seemless. For example, when I give talks, I'll often feature several pieces of software (besides just Sentry). Or, in the case of our meet-up, we obviously have branding/swag/etc. that is Sentry related, but we never do a walk-through of our product while at Sentry Scouts (since it would feel out of place).

    There's definitely a time and a place for pitching- and there are definitely some subtle/less in-your-face ways to "pitch"! I like to think of it like singing (of course- given my musical theatre background ;) ). There's something called a "break" between going between your higher and lower register of your voice. A good singer will make this awkward switch between high pitch and low pitch (no "pitch" pun intended!) completely seamless, so you don't even notice it. A not-so-good singer will obviously go from low pitch- to high pitch.

    The key is to include the thing/technology/company you want to pitch, but to do it subtly. And to only include it if it illustrates a point. Make sure that it fits nicely into the talk you're giving (or in this case, the event you're throwing), and it won't feel like a "sell" at all! ;)

    Thanks again for asking this- I think I may make a longer blog post on this!

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    @Doctor Who: Hey there! Of course, pizza is not a total no-go (well, it is for me- since I avoid carbs! :P ). But, what we mean here is that most meet-ups seem to have the same template. Cold pizza, warm beer, etc... Pizza is fine, but remember, almost all meet-ups serve pizza. To try to stand out- switch it up with some mac & cheese/Thai food/or even s'mores in the case of Sentry Scouts (of course, the ridiculous camp theme is by no means required)!

    I think it's important to remember that your attendees have likely been to several other meet-ups that month/week with pizza. Variety is the spice of life! Also, side note: some people are gluten-free/vegetarian/keto/etc., so pizza may not be inclusive to all diets ;)

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    @hadafnet: you're very welcome!

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    @apocsantos: blog post on this here- thanks again for the inspo! (a)

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