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Machine Learning on Code

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Machine Learning + Natural Language Processing + Source Code = code2vec

Francesc Campoy (@francesc), VP Developer Relations at source{d} joins us to talk about ML-assisted code review (Lookout) and the Public Git Archive. You'll learn how and why source{d} makes uses a dataset based on many GitHub repos available as public datasets to train its models and how "assisted code reviews" apply ML, image processing, and NLP concepts – like word2vec – to code.

Francesc shares his favorite MLonCode moments, why it's made him a better developer, what's coming next, and where you can get started.

:30 : What's Machine Learning on Code (#MLonCode)?

 1:27: How source{d} builds its datasets

 2:13: "How ML on Code's made me a better programmer..."

 4:11: What's "assisted code review"?

 4:57: Francesc's favorite resources

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