The Ops Team #016 - "Tricaster 101 with David"

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The Discussion

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    Pretty nice pronunciation of "Dariusz Porowski" guys :)

    And "Hello" in Polish is "Cześć", but I have few more words for you ;)

    • Dzień dobry - good morning (or good afternoon)(Jean Dough-bree)
    • Cześć - hi (Cheshch)
    • Jak się masz? - how are you? (lit. How do you have yourself?) (Yah-k sheh mahsh)
    • Jak leci? - what's up? (lit. how's it flying?) (Yah-k l-eh-chee)
    • Miłego dnia - have a nice day (mee-uego dne-ea)

    And one of the most important once (especially in brew time at Rick home ;) ):

    • Na zdrowie! - Cheers! (or Bless you!) (lit. For health!) (nah zdroh-vee-eh)

    PS. I'm a little ashamed that I didn't teach you them in my 8 years as Evangelist :D


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    Thank you guys for big surprise!
    How to say "Hello" in Polish? I think Mariusz said all about this stuff with absolutely awesome English spelling transcription :D
    So, CZEŚĆ !!!! ;)

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    Awesome guys! I'll see if we can use some of these Polish words in the next shoot!

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    @masakra: My Grandma would be very pleased that I still remember a few of those. Her family was from Poland and when I was little, I'd hear it now and then.

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