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The Discussion

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    I can not read English. Please report in Spanish language

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    A todos nos vendría bien que lo escribieran también en Español. Después de todo es el segundo idioma más hablado de los EEUU y Microsoft solo tiene en ese idioma los servicios y páginas que se ofrecen de cara al público. Para los desarrolladores y programadores nada.


    For Spanish people will be great to have more resources in Spanish. After all, this is the 2nd language more used in the US and in contrast, Microsoft only use that language in their principal services and web-pages (The focused to de public), but For developers and programmers ... NOTHING.

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    Ya es hora de que Microsoft, que me envía correos sobre nuevas tecnologías,
    ponga la página en español, somos más millones de personas hablando español que hablando inglés.

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    @Salvador: Hola puedes añadir un traductor en la barra de búsquedas justo al lado de la estrella que usas para marcar favoritos, un saludo.


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    Sandeep Kumar

    Please help me with the registration link for free one day training.

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    I just receive your email ( 2 december 2015) but free training in November.
    How could I attend free training?

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    Yosef Maria Florisan

    Adakah kursus ini dalam bahasa Indonesia? Salam hormat dari pulau Flores.

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    Teguh fathorahman

    Please information it training, thanks u fr. Teguh

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    I was just getting used to working with the last version and now you bring out this #$#$^&. For a basic person who does not have a computer degree. Trying to find any thing is worse than the new cars.
    Why not go and discus this issue with an older person who is trying to use the computer. I've been with computer since 1988 and every new version makes me more & more frustrated. Just like trying to learn all the new gadgets on a new car. Before it was some much easier setting up directories for storing information for different project. Like having a directory for recipe files not mixed up with other files. To me this new version is worse than throwing all kinds of food together as slop for the pigs. Why not have a program to take a person through the basic. I wonder if Apple/Mac is this bad?

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    @Alvaro, @Salvado, @Carlos, @Patricia,
    We regret that the language difference made this a bad experience. Here is a link to the Channel 9 Spain site, which may be of use:

    Lamentamos que la diferencia de idioma esto hizo una mala experiencia. Aquí hay un enlace al sitio de Channel 9 de España, que puede ser de utilidad:

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    Victor Siguenza

    When you "Microsoft" send us an information in spanish, almost the company may have the detail to put the same information in the website in spanish. Because we have no duty to learn the lenguage of the company then are selling us a product, innovation, or advertising. To me is a fault of respect.

    Is like I send to you an information about my company in english, and when you enter on my website is all in catalan. And like you are doing just right now with all your clients, if your #Fk.. problem if you dont understand catalan. Because is my language and never mind if others do not understand it.

    If you not pamper the customers they will go to the competence. Because Appel do it right as i said, they send advertising in spanish to our mails and when you enter to their website are also in the same language as the advertising. Learn about your competence, because all these seems a disagreeable joke.

    How many time it cost to put subtitle in the video? 30 minuts, 1 hour, 2 hours? the fellow you have in the office, and that comes for free to do the practices everyday, could have done it for free...

    For more messing, the blog you have done to us, not have a single piece of information about the product you are advertising us on our mails. So make a favor to me, keep playing wow or lol in office hours, instead of improving the quality of your customer. That in 2 days you may go to the bankruptcy.

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    jebran ajaimi

    I con t read English please report in Arabic

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    Pour les petits Français que nous somme une traduction serait la bienvenue

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    Jean Rey

    Report in French

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    abid azhar

    I need company of students who can cooperate i building website regarding chamber of commerce if industries of the world.

    abid azhar

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    Kan het in Nederlands gezegd of geschreven woorden bedankt

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    Please provide site in Khoisan language.

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    maria angelica cornejo bustamante

    Muy buenas tardes ,agradezco la información, pero yo no hablo ingles ,por lo cual me adhiero a solicitud de paginas con alternativa a otros idiomas (el mío es el español) .El tema me parece muy muy interesante
    Atentamente a ustedes

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    James Strange

    One more screw up like the current one, and I scrub win 10 from my hard drive and go to Linux. I needed to do some work this morning and can not access anything but bull *!

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    @Alvaro: Don't take this the wrong way, but why do you think there are so many people supporting Donald Trump in spite of his rude and sometimes single minded remarks?  Why do you think most border patrol agents are of Hispanic descent and not Anglos?  I recall when I was in high school, seeing a film on over population and assimilation of societies.  Back then there was a well-defined point at which a society could not retain its identity and survive unless the influx of "other" cultures and languages were ceased while the previous arrivals had been able to assimilate into the receiving culture.  

    Case in point, I worked in Europe several decades ago at the time that Europe was "importing" lower wage workers from North Africa and the Middle East, primarily non-Christians.  A few years ago, I had to go to Holland for some work.  I was surprised that Holland now has about 50% Non-Christian, non-Europeans in its population.  And the European Dutch are quite upset, so as I understand it, they don't allow the non-European Dutch to vote for fear of losing control of Holland.  Its the same line of thinking in many Latin American countries.  They don't want to lose their national identity.   Nobody has an issue with them.   So why do people berate American companies that do not kowtow to the non-English speaking?

    If you're living in a country where the primary language is other than your own, you learn that language and you learn the customs; and assimilate.   Otherwise, why seek to be considered something you are not?  A long time ago, before I worked in Europe, I did audits of Indian tribes in the U.S.  There was a standing joke among the tribes, when non-Native Americans tried to live on reservation lands with the Indians.   The joke, behind the Anglos back was "He or She thinks he or she is one of us. But you can't make an Indian just by sleeping in a Teepee"

    So rather than complain about what you don't have, or Microsoft doesn't have for you, try to understand what it takes to take to bring people from over 100 languages and cultures and take the information they've put together, then put it back out in more languages than it took to bring things together..

    Be intelligent, seek a solution, do what Pincaro did.  Use a translator.  Use the cerebral matter God gave you and put it to good use.  Think for yourself!!!



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    Cuando aprendan a poner las notificaciones y avisos en Español, los tendré en cuenta, hasta entonces los borraré directamente.

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    Alfredo Lobato

    A pesar de que yo no tenga mayor problema (por fortuna) en leer los mensajes en inglés, me sumo a la solicitud de que estos fuesen enviados en español a la amplísima comunidad que habla este idioma. Sería una muestra de reconocimiento y respeto que entiendo necesaria.

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    yep i'm back

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    Pedro Rojas

    Ya es hora de que Microsoft, que me envía correos sobre nuevas tecnologías,
    ponga la página en español, somos más millones de personas hablando español que hablando inglés.

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    @Salvador:La même chose, mais en Français ....

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    @Alvaro:Totalmente de acuerdo contigo..!!! Saludos Henry[H]

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    @Salvador: Great.....Español please now..!!! Saludos Henry[H]

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    arturo esparza

    no entiendo el ingles lo siento

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    j m bouman


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    Muy buenas a sumo a la alternativa de poner obtener recursos e información en español...muchas gracias

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    Que continúen ignorando el español, como a los dinosaurios la evolución los extingira

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    tienen que traducir el sitio a español

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    I can not read English. Please is possible to have report in Italian language.
    please send me your answer to my email.

    tanks, Claudio

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    Dante Martinez

    Esperemos que el modo de pensar cambie y la información sea clara y fácil de entender en el idioma ESPAÑOL.


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    My message is not a joke or a joke ...
    If I came to you a hundred years ago and told you that I have a mobile phone you say Me Crazy ((((between genius and madness single hair only))))

    For I do not know if the translation (Google translated) Sahsah and I will find the original text at the bottom
    I wish to inform you my opinion in response to the e-mail sent to me this honor for me.

    Innovation is his thought that comes complete with work and are already unable to others and to third parties for Mjaratk and this is the goal now ..
    First, we need to think as a team, and you have begun by Congratulations to you
    Then that the idea did not come now to Amcklh Start again and look in 1980 Windows 1.0 as Microsoft has offered his transfer large (easier life) of the world and this What is needed now we are in dire need of scent shift now.
    I see the time Alhazer by Ntoar vocal commands the screen with the development of 3D Hologram Pyramid
    The goal now is to
    (Laptop or mobile phone without a keyboard, but for Tuari + screen display 3D Hologram Pyramid or the like from + technology the price of a competitor has to Ananaj competitive price because if you possess appropriate technical and competition Syazdhmon people in front as Microsoft stores to get them without having to think price) (Life Easier)
    And these are just the beginning
    For you after (30 or 50 a year) will not need to display it to the overhead projector broadcast you can light itself can write a message or draw, until you reach technology to our minds then you can be sensitive to temperature and heartbeat, and read every signal electric nervous system and the controllers are Alinha that we are nervous or sad or happy in the sense that we understand it Amcunninha any sense and I think are the technical rules of their own need for very large data and for this I did not matter, because with the time of storage and memory modules will become the youngest smaller ...
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    Jose Suarez

    I don´t understand your english, please speak in spanish. Thank You.

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    El mercado de Microsoft ha crecido demasiado en países de habla hispana, deberían pensarlo y tener un sitio mas útil para los que hablamos español. Porque las encuestas las realizan en español?

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