Backstage View of Microsoft Excel 2010: In Two and a Half Minutes

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This demo takes you on a tour of one of the biggest changes in Excel: Backstage View. The Backstage View is where you work on your spreadsheets, and it houses the commands that affect the document as a whole. This demo will show you the ins and outs of the tabs that allow you to open, save, and close your spreadsheets, create new ones, convert files to the 2010 format, manage permissions, prepare files for sharing, manage the draft versions of files, send via e-mail and fax, enable Add-ins, and more. For more Office 2010 videos, check out The Office Blog on Channel 9 and



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The Discussion

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    Les agradezco la información que comparten  Wink

    Algo que indague mas al respecto era que la vista Backstage es totalmente extensible para los programadores, de modo que las organizaciones pueden personalizar la interfaz de usuario por asi decirlo.. para que se ajuste a sus propias necesidades...

    very interesting!

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    Nice.  I like the Print/Preview combined into one, I know many people who are confused by the two separate dialogs.  Also, instead of calling the tab "File", why not call it "Backstage"?  Also, why not have the "File" tab change to "Go Back" when backstage is open.


    Also, Office 2010 is much faster and more responsive than Office 2007, bravo!

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