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    Hi i am seeing the great show and cover pages is not new i 2010 i use it in 2007

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    Those maps templates reminds me of the story about the timezone dialog in Windows 95. When it originally shipped, the dialog box where you set your timezone had a map of the world on it and when you picked your zone it would highlight all the countries in the zone. Microsoft got so fed up with getting complaints (and threats of product bans) from countries with contentious borders that they removed the map from the service release of 95 and all subsequent versions of Windows.


    So, if those map templates disappear from Visio at some point, you know why Smiley

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    Awesome.  It's nice to see you can do some last minute flair to just about anything without needing a Ph.D. in design.  I know that my Visio diagrams will never look plain again!


    On a side note, it's interesting the "download" animation on the dialog when the template was pulled from Office Online looks a little reminiscent of Windows 95.


    The linked text box feature is too cool and I just found it in Office 2007.  I wish I knew about it earlier.  These little things are awesome to find!


    Also, are there any plans to release those PowerPoint animations as a tutorial somewhere, it would be awesome to learn how to do that in depth via a blog post.


    Keep up the good work!

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