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PowerPivot for Excel is an Excel 2010 add-in that allows users to pull data from multiple sources, mash them up, and then build reports using regular pivot tables. You can even share these reports with others in Microsoft SharePoint (via PowerPivot for SharePoint). In this demo, Julie Strauss, Program Manager for Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services, shows just how easy it is to get a better view into your data.



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The Discussion

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    very neat indeed.

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    Julie is a pleasure to listen to, very good presentation. Wink

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    Nice spam.

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    Thanks for answering my questions. I hadn't even thought of the multiple ways data can be produced and consumed from SQL Server, other than the obvious way.


    When I asked about multiple PowerPivots, I was thinking about multiple cubes. Where a cube would have a fact table and zero or more dimensional tables associated with it. I've never enjoyed working with linked workbooks and now doesn't seem like a good time to give it another spin.


    I strongly feel that this product is going to develop it's own cult following. I'm impressed with it and all the excitement present in sites dedicated the product.


    This post should also have a PowerPivot tag.



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    David DeMar

    I am so glad I found this incredible resource! It really seems that PowerPivot is a huge untapped resource for doing high volume data mining. This is so important to me and the work I do.


    I will have to spend some more time going over your site and looking for more related articles. You can never have too much

    Microsoft Training, and this new release is really exciting. Thank you so much!

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    Thanks for that great Video which gives a brief overview of the ideas and concepts behind PowerPivot. We already work productive with the tools but got a better insight for way to go for through that video. Great stuff, retweeted!

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    Is the movie data in this video available for download? I'd like to use it in a customer demo.

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    on my machine the powerpivot failed on the rows beyond 10million rows, what machine config was used here? 32bit or 64 bit ? and how much RAM did this machine have ? really want this to work...

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