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    I've been very impressed with MS Access 2010 demos.  Theming looks ridiculously easy.  I'm just waiting for a small business service offering that enables web publishing...perhaps via something like Office Live Small Business or BPOS (Lite?).

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    I'm very happy with a lot of the improvements to Access 2010. The move to easily create web applications from within Access is very welcome except for one major disappointment: the huge disconnect between cheap Access and very the very expensive Sharepoint Server Enterprise required for publishing your application online.


    I find it quite disingenuous to push the web-capabilities of Access when they are only exploitable by a very small fraction of its user base.

    These web-publishing capabilities are in fact nothing more than a plug-in to Sharepoint Enterprise.

    Including this in the standard product allows MS Marketing to tell everyone "we've listened to you and made Access a great platform for developing online applications", but this is a real stretch: Access remains a great development platform for desktop applications, and that's all it is for most of us who don't work for companies who can afford spending about US$8000 to purchase the licenses required for Sharepoint Server, the Enterprise CALs, SQL Server licenses, etc for just, says, 20 users...


    Now, if Access Services had been part of Sharepoint Foundation, that would have allowed us lowly ISVs to push a free version of Sharepoint into a lot of companies and have a foot in their door.

    That would have been great.


    I personally don't see how the current state of affairs is going to really benefit a great number of people, or even Microsoft.

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    @cycnus You can host access web databases today at and we will be providing hosted SharePoint for Small Business in the future so that you don't have to spend 80K + servers to get started Smiley

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    We are trying to create a database to shedule, track and share our production. Our production invlves 3 general phases which are performed by several people (everyone is capable of performing each of the three tasks). We want to be able to have a calendar showing each project, with each of the three tasks and the people assigned to the tasks. We would then print this calendar for our production teams.


    I am not seeing anything in Access where I can integragt the information into a calendar.


    Please advise.



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