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    Paste Options Icons

    Paste preview is great, well done, however changing the Paste Options from text to graphics was THE WORST decision ever, and will only slow people down. Is there any logical justification why this design decision was made? My only thought is that by using cryptic icons that no-one would be able to work out what they did, will cause people to hover over them in order for MS to show off their new paste preview. I personally can not ever remember what these icons mean and have to use trial and error (or now I can use hover and waste a couple seconds every paste). Also, in the paste drop-down in the ribbon there is really now lack of space. (I can understand using the icons in the right-click hover due to space constraints, however I would have preferred another menu).


    See for yourself:








    Ribbon Customization

    Customizing Office is slower/harder than it was in Office 2003 (But I almost feel like I should be glad we have it at all, as it was left out in 2007). There are so many more clicks, drop-downs, dialogs to navigate through and there is no live preview of what your new ribbon will look like. I do not understand why small things are so difficult for Microsoft. With no adequate competition in the Word processor market, who cares right? (I know I'll be buying it regardless).


    Please add drag drop customization.


    Options Dialog

    Please fix this dialog.


    1. Why is it not integrated into the backstage?

    2. Who on earth can find anything in this dialog? I find myself scrolling through every page to find something.

    - Remove the scroll bars (really really bad design decision or lack thereof) and have a tree-view on the left and add a search box to find the option you are looking for straight away!


    Options Dialog


    Microsoft can make great products, but things like this just make me wish there was some decent competition. Until then, looking forward to the release.


    PS. The outliner is excellent, well done.

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    Great suggestions in prevous comment. I have just one more: Add search box also to Ribbon customization dialog.


    In the case of the navigation pane - it isn't usable when you are changing the document: after changing one character all founded instances disappear and I must repeat searching.

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    Adding that -paste options- in the 'right click menu' is just plain annoying. They have the 'paste options' already avaliable so that it shouldn't have to be in the right click menu. Why ALSO add it to the right click menu? - without the option to remove it either?... Doesn't seem that effective. It's done nothing but slow me down I just want 'paste'. i find myself accidently hitting the other formatting option too often for the 'paste option'
    Right now, i just want the option to add or remove the 'paste options' from that right click menu

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