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    "Turn off your mail notifications". Apparently there is no need to do that. In Outlook 2010 mail notifications do not work if you are using an IMAP account. Also, even if you have an IMAP account as your default account and you choose "E-mail This File" from Windows Explorer in Windows XP, the file is e-mailed using not the IMAP account but the next account in the list of accounts in Outlook, ignoring your choice of a default account. I had several e-mails getting lost because of this. How can you ship a product with so serious bugs? I am considering going back to 2007. No mail notifications and not using my default account when sending from XP's Explorer is too bad. I guess you haven't tested Outlook 2010 with IMAP?

    And also I am fet up with the same bugs not being fixed for 10 years now. Using LDAP for name look-up freezes the UI thread as it is not executed on a background thread. Is this modern software. And this issue has been there for years. The dialog boxes  that appear when clicking the "To" and "CC" buttons when composing an e-mail are so old. The Advanced Find in these dialog boxes still does not have any "Advanced" features as it can only search by contact's name. And it is called "Advanced Find". But even the non-advanced find does not search in all column fields when thrying to search for a mobile contact but only works correctly in the non-mobile section of contacts. Try searching using the last-name of a mobile contact. The IMAP folders dialog box is so old and the tab order of OK with Cancel are in the wrong order. And these bugs are there for 10 years. Every version no improvements. Why?

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    If you are using Yahoo Mail, the problem is not with your computer. There have been 100 posts about this happening. Yahoo is having a terrible time. They have not explained why. They will fix it. If you are not using Yahoo, Outlook Express does not have a setting to delete inbox emails. And no virus has been seen that does that. You will have to contact MSN.

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