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Now you can learn about using Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in a friendly and fun way: Ribbon Hero. Doug Thomas shows you how to play this game--from the folks at Office Labs--that teaches while  you score points and humble your opponents.

Here is a link to the Project Page to download Ribbon Hero:



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The Discussion

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    Neat idea. This should be built-in to Office and come up the first time you run Word. I think it would show people just how many things you can do in Word with just a couple of clicks.

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    I remember I took a typing class - this was awhile ago as we were using Word 2002, at the time I was pretty good at it , but I have lost the knowledge of just about everything I learned about Word, and I still use it a lot. I like this though for free - I will download it and hopefully helps me out a little.


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    Very nice; I like this game idea.

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    ok so truely it is not for us who actully knows how to enter channel9 and see this videos



    defenitaly it is for end users who have the office and dont know how to deal with it


    so bottom line :what about language supports?


    can we see Arabic version of this tool?

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    Has anyone figured out how to run this thing as a standard user?  I want some of the people in the office to be able to use it, but there's no way to get it to show up without being admin.  What's up with that?

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