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Doug Thomas from Office Casual gives those of us who aren't familiar with Visio a brief tour using the example of "How to move your office with Visio".   Visio is a diagramming program for Microsoft Windows that uses vector graphics to create diagrams.  The standard and profession editions both share the same interface but clearly the professional is for the more advanced. 



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The Discussion

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    cool video,  i like the paper and scotch tape Smiley

    i must say, i never got visio.. to me it seemd like sort of a crippled cad tool paired with a decent, but not great, diagram tool, that also had 100000 shapes that you didnt need at a perticular time Smiley im sure im wrong and there is alot more to visio that that, but ive never felt compelled to go look for that stuff.. much like there are a million cool things you can do with excel that no one will ever find because the functionality is so hidden and the docs contains so much fluff..


    channel 9 is branching out, this show(?) could be an awsome vehicle for getting some more advanced office topics out there.. i might be a hardcore dev, but someone said in another c9 video, "excel is like a programming lanuage"

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    Haha, love the Office Casual series lots of fun and great knowledge.

    I’ve been using Visio for some time now, everything from drawing diagrams (more flexible then the ones in Word), network diagrams, and also room layouts like shown is this video. Very cool stuff!

    And the fact that the 2010 version has Ribbon in it makes it even better!

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    Wow, probably the most entertaining training video I've ever watched!  Perhaps you can teach me how a Pivot Table works, I still don't get it.

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