The Office Show: How to Design in Microsoft PowerPoint with Office 2010

Play The Office Show: How to Design in Microsoft PowerPoint with Office 2010

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    Excellent!  This is the new standard for video production from Channel 9.  If only all the other videos were this entertaining and fun to watch.  This makes learning how to use Microsoft's products much easier.  Thanks.

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    WOW , it's a breath of fresh air ! Very nice show setup guys! Pitty it's 10 minutes, it would be an awesome commersial! I learned some new stuff !

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    Wow, that was a real production.  Great idea to include some design tips, showcase a creative use for an Office app along with the basics that Doug demonstrated live.

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    Flippin love it!  Big Smile

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    The production value of this video seemed way overkill......but then the bloopers at the end made it all worth while..


    Keep the bloopers.....You can't be too professionally....we are geeks...and this kinda does come across as marketing....atleast you're very much humans...and not the Microsoft drones I'm used too.

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    Seriously... this type of video should be applied for more products.  Tina and Laura you too are way too funny together.  I know when I want to upgrade to new Microsoft product at work, people roll their eyes at me.  It's hard to sell them, Office for example, because I don't know the killer features.  This is definitely worth the ten minutes, not to mention the little technical tidbits that we aren't always aware of or we leave out because we use them everyday.  1.6, that is a number I'm committing to memory

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    hahah, i swear doug was going to tell use the weather.

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    I love the flip book but can not find the site that give you the technical details on how it was created.  I am Certified in PPT and want to learn these advance techniques.  Can you tell me where to go to get the details on what animation was used to create the flip book. 

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