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    Awesome show.  I didn't know you could do half of those things with Publisher.  You guys need to edit these videos and get some TV ad space!


    p.s. Laura, I miss your energy on Ping!

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    Maddus Mattus

    Watching these two beautifull women is so much better then watching Dan and Brian Smiley

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    Great show Laura and Tina, Publisher is one of those apps that I've always wanted to fiddle with, but never had the time, so it was great seeing a recap of what's possible Smiley


    Maddus - I think you must be confused, Brian and I are clearly the most beautiful two people on Channel 9. Okay, maybe not Brian, that J# thing really aged him and he never fully recovered. In fact, he still thinks J# is alive and well. I don't have the heart to tell him it's dead, so every product cycle I take a box of triscuit crackers, tape a J# logo to it and hand it to him telling him the new version of J# is now available! He carries it around like a mother carries a newborn for about a week, it's disturbing, but at least I have something to snack on with all the triscuit boxes in his office.

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    Don't get too down on F# Dan! We actually shipped some stuff recently (yes last week recently) that included J# binaries because we needed a ZIP implmentation and didn't want to step into the murky world of 3rd party 'open source' implementations.




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    @chrisauld: dude, I know you are a real guy not a spammer, but that signature is as big as your post and has people marking your comments as spam... you should tone it down Smiley

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    Amazing show and content

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