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So what is Office 365 and how can it help your small business? This Office Show answers those questions with a special two-part episode, wherein our heroines Laura and Tina start a business from scratch with Office 365. Like many of you, they're strapped for resources and face some nasty competition. Office 365 is their key to surviving and thriving. And stay tuned, we'll post Part II soon.


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The Discussion

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    Strapped Business Owner

    Office365 doesn't help at all in fact it hurts. It costs more the Office Live Small Business which was free and offers a far less impressive website function. I originally went with Office Live Small Business because my small business could not afford a web presence, OLSB gave me that option. Also, I am a huge believer in Microsoft products. I am sincerely disappointed in Microsoft. As my small business can't afford the per user monthly costs in this ever worsening economy. Now, I have to move everything to Google Docs for business which offers a free option to businesses with 25 or less employees, offers equal capabilities, and that will be a nice diversion of my time transferring my domain name, rebuilding my website, etc. Thanks Microsoft for wasting my time. And thanks Google Docs for being their for small businesses in a tough economy.
    Disappoint Ex-Microsoft Customer

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    Sorry but, if you cant afford couple, literally couple, of bucks per employee/user there is something seriously wrong with the "business."

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    Great video. I really like these Office Shows. Office 365 seems promising for small businesses getting started, though I question just how practical it would be for a new business to establish all that beforehand. Usually, business needs to get rolling before investing so much time into setting up an office infrastructure. I know this is just a demonstration, but what happens if a business falters before they can finish establishing Office 365? That's a lot of complicated man-hours lost in software...lost in the cloud as it were.

    Also, why "Office 365" and not just 360 or 180? What, does it spin 5 degrees past where it started? Almost as pointless a name as Xbox 360. Just musing.

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    Carl Luna

    Awesome video! Keep it coming and educate people more into this great product.

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    Also, why "Office 365" and not just 360 or 180? What, does it spin 5 degrees past where it started? Almost as pointless a name as Xbox 360. Just musing.

    I'm guessing it's not degree, but day. So, 365 days in a year. Just a guess Big Smile

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    @Arztek, part of the big thing about Office 365 is it really reduces the upfront investment, both in actual cash and time. You can get going on the simple functions like email, calendaring and document sharing really quickly, and as your business develops you can build up your team sites. But getting started is very fast.

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    Nice. Smiley

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