The Office Show: Rocking your data with Excel 2010

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    Nice show. Realy didn't know about slicers. Good stuff! I also like the style of the show Wink

    But I'd prefer a higher video quality in the future. I mean, the resolution is noch realy high quality, is it?

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    lol, Laura just couldn't resist it, could she?

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    Wow! Chicks man! (Sorry, I watch The Soup, on E!) That was a very nice and refreshing video. And I learned something while watching it.

    I think what you ladies should do though, is storm into Steve Ballmer's office, and demand that he have developers / designers create a slick multimedia experience in Office, where users can watch your Office videos, buy add ons and services via an app store, and gain access to resources, in a slick, non-HTML kind of way. This way MS would make extra revenue, expand its Office ecosystem, create a huge social network around Office, and you ladies would become ******stars*******. You could become more popular than Olivia Munn! After a while, the experience could be ported to Windows Phone 7, and Office web apps! I'm telling you ladies, you could become big! I can see your names in lights now! I'd send you one of my fake Hollywood agency cards, but I'm afraid I'm all out!

    Remember ladies, storm your chief boss' office, and don't take no for an answer - even if you are escorted out of MS by security!

    (You know, I think I missed my calling as a (real) Hollywood agent.) Chow!

    P. Douglas

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