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Using Microsoft Office on a Tablet PC touch screen


Right click “Save as…”

Doug Thomas from Office Casual walks us through the basics on how to use the built-in tools in Office 2010 on tablet PC's.

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  • Very cool!  I think we are just one generation away from the ideal tablet PC.  Battery life being the biggest problem still I think, next would be weight.  I need a device that can make it for 8 or 9 hours between charges.  I know Android/iPad type device are all the rage now, and that probably works for a lot of people, but I still want a full functioning device with full applications, not just little applets. Also, the pen is king for taking notes and drawing!!

  • Juan SimonJuan Simon

    Thats awesome!

  • CliffordClifford

    We tablet users get so little love...thanks for sending a little our way. For we are the enlightened (:

  • CliffordClifford

    Oh, and as a long-time user of OneNote, I learned something! I didn't realize the "Ink to Text" button no longer requires you to select the ink to translate but rather translates the entire page. Pretty brilliant, and adds another feather to OneNote's fully-plumed cap!

  • Wayne TaylorRamblingGeek​UK Backup People!
    What is the device he's using?
  • mluu510mluu510

    lame. microsoft have been trying to see us a stylus version of office for ages now. it doesn't work! you can type much faster and use less effort than you can write with a stylus.

  • @mluu510 Starting a post with the word "lame" gives away the fact that we shouldn't read any further.

    As to the demo, this is the ASUS Eee Slate 12" Tablet.   I would wait for the Sandy Bridge version which should be coming out soon, but this one features about 4 hours battery life.   This has everything you could hope for, including Gorilla glass, USB, SD card slot, bluetooth, WiFi and available 3G, and for us who want a "precision tablet" for art input, it is compatible with both fingers and stylus.  It has an i5 processor with 4GB of memory and Windows 7.

    order it here: http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msstore/en_US/pd/productID.227350100/search.true

    They seem to be limiting the quantities of this one so that they can bring the real thing out in bulk.... at least I hope so.   Sandy Bridge should be able to get close to 7 hours .. maybe more depending on what you need to do (I disagree unless you're going to mars that you really "need" the battery life of the iPad, by the way .. it just sets the bar to a higher mark that isn't attainable with a lot of CPU / graphics power available).   Sandy Bridge should get sufficient life for a whole day, with ease.

    I like this video, because we can show it to people who have an iPAD that believe that is the only workable slate.   The fact of the matter is that a PC running a full-fledged O/S will eventually replace it, at least for people who want to do real work.

    But let's not start that argument on this thread.   For now, suffice to say I was pretty tickled by my office mates coming to me with new iPads playing guitar and writing emails and not much else, when I was interfacing with this marvel.


  • It's great but I am still wondering, why and how a person would love to work on spreadsheets on this Tablet PC? It's quite harder when we use tablets to accomplish such tasks.

    I believe, it is handy when we have to present something over Powerpoint, show multimedia content and much more like that. 

  • , wp7dev007 wrote

    As to the demo, this is the ASUS Eee Slate 12" Tablet.   I would wait for the Sandy Bridge version which should be coming out soon, but this one features about 4 hours battery life.   

    Do you have any sources that indicate a Sandy Bridge version will be coming out soon?

    Never mind, found something on this page:

    Asus tells us it hopes to see this slate's battery life increase with the transition to Sandy Bridge mobile processors, and it apparently has a battery upgrade in the works, too. Together, those changes could add up to roughly six hours of battery life in a future version of the slate, which would be a very helpful improvement.

  • I would say that while OneNote is great, it still sometimes has glitches when you are resting your palm on the screen while writing. The rest of the Office apps aren't quite as ink friendly as I'd like to see. Hopefully this will get better.

  • It's nice to see Office getting better support for touch. I would have loved a device like this during college. No more lugging around notebooks and pencils. With lots of textbooks available in e-book form, I would have had a much lighter backpack.

    In my current situation, I really can't justify it. While it would be nice to have at work for note-taking and meetings, I have a feeling that most of the time it would just sit unused. The price puts it out of reach for casual "couch-surfing". If Asus can create a tablet like this one for $500, they would have a very attractive product.

  • JulesJules

    So I Guess Microsoft are sticking with the Desktop platform for Tablets, and the stylus.   This demonstrates that in sme circumstances styl;us has benefits for drawings and scribble entry, better than fingers.  But this demo really unconvicing that the Windows 7 Platform is really capable of gesters based controls.
    I really cannot see how Students are really going to use Tablets for Note Taking, either through a stylus or fingers on an Ipad. Until I can get text into a computer faster than I can scribble hard copy notes  I am realiant upon a keyboard for fast texct entry.  Do Students still take notes, or do they just record the lectures, or receive note sets ?
    We need to se that Windows 8 delivers a compelling gesters based controls as well as sytlus entry.

  • mluu510mluu510

    @wp7dev007: Lame. not only did you not provide a counter argument as to why we should take notes by writing gesture, you're a total microsoft fanboy for advertising their crappy slate product, lol. if you want to do some REAL work, get a real laptop.
    also, ipad pages, keynote, and numbers is better and more intuitive to use than office on your asus slate.

  • JBJB

    @Kryptos: He says in the video Asus eeepad (more specifically EP121)....Look out for the Fujitsu Q550 battery life double that of this one!

  • @Kryptos: He says in the video Asus eeepad (more specifically EP121)....Look out for the Fujitsu Q550 battery life double that of this one!

    The Fujitsu Q550 uses N-Trig technology instead of Wacom for pen input though. For some people this might be a reason not to buy the Q550.

  • Tom AlanTom Alan

    I have a Lenovo X61 Tablet and I love it. I especially love OneNote. I don't know how I ever got along without it. I tried an iPad but it's really nothing more than a glorified cell phone. A cute toy, and the 'virtual' keyboard is awful; I don't know how anyone can use it for serious writing. I have an iPhone and I'll just stick to it.

    I want to scan in a couple of forms and add handwriting to text fields to put data into an SQL database. There should be something simple to do this, but I cannot find it. Do I really have to write a bunch of C# or Visual Basic code to do this?

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