TWC9: 100th Episode! WPF, VS2010 RC tips, Bonus Footage

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This week on Channel 9, Dan and Brian discuss the week's top developer news, including:

Second patch for IntelliSense crashes in the Visual Studio 2010 RC
·Interesting because: The RC is the last public build prior to RTM. It’s pretty rock solid, but users of touch displays, tablet PCs, screen reader software, and potentially some others as well may need these patches.

Enabling Silverlight 4 with the Visual Studio 2010 RC (NOTE: This is an unsupported hack.)
·Interesting because: The RC of Visual Studio 2010 did not support Silverlight 4. This support is “coming” but no timeline yet. In the meantime, you can try this hack.

Getting Silverlight 3 to build with Team Build 2010 by Martin Hinshelwood
·Interesting because: If your projects use Silverlight 3 and you use Team Build on a 64-bit server, you’ll need this. But it’s also a good look at debugging a Team Build 2010 workflow.

What’s new in Visual Studio 2010 (ALM | The rest)
·Interesting because: There is a LOT of new stuff in this release. Blink and you’ll miss something. These documents do a pretty thorough job of documenting the goodness.

Beta of FireFox testing package for Visual Studio 2010 is now available
·Interesting because: Visual Studio 2010’s testing framework is extensible and will provide support for additional target platforms via add-ins from Microsoft and 3rd parties.

Optimizing Visual Studio 2010 and WPF applications for Remote Desktop via Greg Duncan.
·Interesting because: The Visual Studio 2010 IDE makes heavy use of WPF. If you RDP into a development workstation, or build applications in WPF, this post is a must-read.

Configuring VS2010 with SourceGear’s diffmerge
·Interesting because: The diff / merge tool that ships with Visual Studio is fairly dated, but it’s easy to swap in your favorite tool in its place. This one is free, and comes highly recommended.

Expression Studio 3.0 Tutorials from Paolo Barone
·Interesting because: Free hands-on tutorials featuring Silverlight, DeepZoom, SketchFlow, and more…

Roundup of WPF Documentation Samples
·Interesting because: One-stop shopping for all of your WPF sample needs.

4 free open-source WPF utilities
·Interesting because: Some good stuff in here; Snoop = “Firebug for WPF”, Inkscape = vector graphics editor…

Write code to enter the NASA Pathfinder Innovation Challenge
·Interesting because: There are dozens of coding competitions out there at any given time, but we thought this one was really cool – you can either build a “mechanical Turk” game or an image recognition application. And c’mon… it’s Mars! That should be reason enough.

Picks of the week!

Dan's pick: Some (not all) MSR TechFest 2010 content is public and online

Brian’s pick: Telling the Visual Studio 2010 testing story with DeepZoom, and SpeakFlow as a new non-linear presentation medium based on DeepZoom.

And after the credits… special 100th episode bonus materials…



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The Discussion

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    I tried Inkscape once and it was an incredibly painful experience. Weird UI decisions, poor documentation, incredibly buggy. I really don't get where all the praise is coming from. I'm still waiting for a great free (as in beer) visual XAML editor. Where's Expression Express?


    Congrats on the 100 episodes guys!

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    Woo, congrats on 100 episodes guys!

  • User profile image

    vvvveeeee nice indeed Big Smile

    TWC9 rules!


    did you get a larger monitor in the background btw? Smiley




    what happend with that cup brian threw? :O

    also, i love how uncomfortable clint looks when dan is making his.. noises.. Wink



    at first i was wondering why i hadnt seen many of those close up shots of brian and dan, but the reason got more evident as i kept watching Tongue Out

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    Thanks for the pick: SpeakFlow.  What you work at Microsoft and you don't know about Powerpoint's pptPlex?  Well, I guess I shouldn't be surprised, it's not the first time I told a Microsoft employee about a cool utility that they had. Smiley

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    What's even harder to believe is that in a months time, you guys will have been doing this for two years.


    My, time really does fly.

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    Congrats guys! Have I said TWC9 rocks recently?


    TWC9 Rocks! Smiley


    Thank you's to you, the team and all the guest hosts for your time, effort and all the general geek goodnees.


    What's the plan for show 200? Tongue Out

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    wow congrats for 100 show


    to the best


    so i think you must make changes in the show


    1-add new section "tutorial"

    2-3d show

    3-make special tweet for twc to interact with us

    4-celebrity(no celebrity but maybe good to say geekie) guest host each week

    and so let other complete my list


    2 question

    1-what is the remote desktop application?can u give me good recource abt it?

    2-as the table that compare win7 edition is there any table for compare vs2010 editions?




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    Awesome! Congratulations. Here's to 100 more! Smiley


  • User profile image

    Thanks for the shout-out guys Smiley


    Bas - Agree, I'd personally settle for just Blend Express as there is no way mere mortals can build animations, use the Visual State Manager, or customize control templates without it. This is something that I was pushing when I was on the Express team, and some folks on the Expression team do agree with this, and it's something that may happen in the future when they have enough features to differentiate between the free and paid-for version.

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    Yep I know all about pptPlex. Smiley It's a decent tool but didn't offer the flexibility I needed. E.g. you have to use their templates to control the flow, and they don't support video.



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    Dan & Brian - Congrats on 100 shows! Keep it up

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    My armspan is longer than my height but still not as big as Dan, who looks quite tall.

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     I want to see Dan wrestle a bear!

  • User profile image

    LOL!  That should be a rite of passage for anyone who's been at Microsoft for a while.


    You may already know this, given your comment, but I was cast as "the bear" and had to wrestle ScottGu for the MIX video last year. It stands as my most hilarious character as a Microsoft employee Smiley

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    i've gotten oddly use to them now.

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    You're right about not being able to add video... however, it is possible to use the advanced template and use your own background... so it's basically a custom template.

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    Mr Crash

    100 shows and most of the content still sucks....your still doing this show because ??


    Please stop humping silverlight (aka craplight, crashlight, buggylight, etc...) and wpf (aka wtf) both products are crap

    A bit cliche but oh well: Real men use pure native controls and HTML5 for best performance and user experience.


    Can you do 100 shows without even mentioning silverlight and wpf at all, not even hinting it? i dare you i dont think you can do it


    You say you listen to feedback well there you have some constructive criticism, now i expect improvements.

  • User profile image

    Why don't you like silverlight and wpf?  I find them rather nice and powerful once I understood XAML.

  • User profile image

    Personally I want MORE Silverlight and WPF. More more MORE! Smiley

  • User profile image

    If you think our show sucks, I'd probably suggest not watching. Your feedback isn't constructive, it's just starting a flame war about how HTML 5 is superior to Silverlight and WPF, but you did succeed in getting some folks to bite on the troll bait, so kudos!




  • User profile image

    Mr Crash is just misunderstood. He needs some love and attention:


    (Some content borderline NSFW)

  • User profile image
    Mr Crash

    wpf is good for prototyping ideas but nothing else. wpf is for the lazy "programmer".

    Silverlight how should i put it's plain crap and very badly coded, i can't understand how it even got released in that state, well it is a microsoft product after all so then again maybe i can understand it  Devil

  • User profile image
    Mr Crash

    I'm not a troll, you stupid-troll.

    I'm merely expressing my personal experiences with those products, how could you not understand that ?

  • User profile image
    Mr Crash

    So you can't decode anything constructive from my post, guess your english needs a bit of training.

    Okay let me help you, here's some constructive stuff:

    "Please stop humping silverlight and wpf" means do more videos about other stuff (example: C++) and less about silverlight and wpf.


    Did you understand that Dan ?


  • User profile image
    Mr Crash

    either your a dick or just trying to be funny, i'm not sure which perhaps a combination.. Perplexed

    I can "try" to be funny too  Wink

    But seriously i was actually trying to give some constructive criticism, although with some bad user experience mixed in, my bad.  Angel

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    Good Mr CrasH can "try" to be funny too  Wink  very good Smiley

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    Why don't you like silverlight and wpf ?  problem ambalaj 

    yes  where silverlight problem download ?  





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